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Witch Turned Detective Cassandra Duke Must Solve Another Mystery in Her Hometown in Valia Lind’s “Two Can Witch the Game”

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Disclaimer: I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

Plot Summary:

So is the smell of freshly baked goods as the town prepares for its annual spring bake-off. Cassie’s best friend is a top contender, and Cassie is there to lend a hand. But then, everything starts going wrong, from a ruined mixer to a clogged garbage disposal. It’s as if Penny’s Bakery is cursed.

Now that Cassie is starting to feel more at home at Crooked Windows Inn, and with her magic, she’s determined to help her friend out.

Is it a curse or just a case of bad luck?

When a body turns up at the back of the bakery, the whole town is in uproar. And with so many new faces mulling about, there is no saying who could be the culprit!

With the help of a quirky cat, a handsome handyman, and a meddling aunt, Cassie will do whatever it takes to make sure her friend isn’t next on the killer’s list (Goodreads, 2021).


This book is perfect for those days when you just want to curl up and finish a good book in one sitting.

“Two Can Witch the Game” is a mystery book with just a hint of magic. The main character, Cassandra Duke is a witch who is only recently reconnected with her magic. She’s moved back to her hometown and is catching up with old friends while trying to figure out what to do with her life. Along the way she seems to be stumbling on murder investigations that involve the people closest to her.

Though this is the second book in a series it can easily be read as a standalone. When I received this eARC I had not read the first book (though now I want to) and for the most part did not feel like I was missing major parts of the plot.

I loved the setting, the main character and the romance. I felt that Valia Lind really captured the essence of life in a small town with her descriptions of Monroe Cove and its inhabitants.

When it comes to the main character, Cassandra Duke is witty, has magic that she is still trying to figure out and is coffee obsessed (the last I can totally relate to). She’s also incredibly loyal, swiftly coming to her friend Penny’s aid as soon as she needs her.

And then there is the romance. This is definitely slow burn and it’s highly entertaining reading about Cassie trying to tackle her budding feelings for her childhood nemesis, Dean. Then there is the anticipation as you think the two are finally going to have a moment when something always interrupts them. I’m already looking forward to Book 3 so I could finally see what brings these two together.

My one complaint about this book is that I thought the mystery itself was wrapped up too quickly. I wish Cassie’s “Aha!” moment wasn’t so abruptly done, although we did get several clues pointing us in the direction of the killer.

This was a 4 out of 5 for me and I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys mystery books with a hint of the supernatural.

Quotes I Enjoyed:

For the longest time, I thought of this town as a place full of bad memories. But now I realize, I left a lot of good behind. And it’s nice to have a second chance at it.


There’s a lot I want to say to you,” Dean replies. I have no idea how to take that, or the soft way he delivered those words. He gives me another long look as if he’s trying to see inside of me. And then he turns away”


Do you enjoy murder mysteries? What was the last good mystery book that you’ve read?