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HR Moore’s “Nation of the Sun” Tells The Story of A Love Not Even Death Can Stop

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Disclaimer: I received this eARC from Paper Myths Media in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Plot Summary:

Amari has a perfect life. She’s a successful food critic, and is marrying a high flying human rights lawyer. But the day before her wedding, a stranger, Caspar, tries to solicit her help. She sends him away, but can’t shake the feeling that she knows him.

When Amari’s new husband has to leave the country before their honeymoon, Amari tells Caspar she’ll help him. But Amari and Caspar are attacked by an assassin, forcing them into hiding at the London headquarters of the Pagan Nation. Here, Caspar tells her that she’s an ancient and powerful demon, someone who reincarnates, and that he is her soulmate.

As she’s drawn into Caspar’s world of standing stones and feuding nations, Amari can’t deny the deep connection that pulses between them. But she can’t remember her past, and the Pagans have secrets they refuse to reveal: Why did Amari avoid Caspar for a hundred years? And what happened between Amari and the leader of a rival nation in the past? To determine if she can trust Caspar, if she should help him, she must wake her demon soul, and bring back her memories. For one thing is certain: when that happens, the tables will turn (Goodreads, 2021).


This is a pretty short book, but really hard to put down and so well done! Having just finished “Nation of the Sun” I already can’t wait for the next book to come out so that I can find out how Raina and Caspar get themselves out of the tight spot they are in.

This has been one of the few books that I’ve read recently where I can’t find a single thing I would have liked to see done differently. I love the idea of soulmates and reincarnation. I think I was first introduced to the idea via Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “Mists of Avalon” and I was hooked. In “Nation of the Sun” Amari instantly feels a connection to Caspar although she is obviously hesitant to give into it at first. In some ways this is a story of two people with a LOT of history falling in love with one another all over again. I was very impressed by how HR Moore pulled off a slow burn romance so well despite this being a relatively short novel.

I also loved the mythology of this world. I’m curious to learn more details regarding how demons reincarnate, but I thought it was cool how the eyes need to be intact as they are the windows to the soul. Also I enjoyed the idea that a lot of famous inventors and artists were demons able to do what they did thanks to centuries of experience.

This was a 5 out of 5 for me. If you are a fan of urban fantasy definitely check this one out! “Nation of the Sun” is out today and if you are interested you can get it at

Quotes that I Enjoyed:

It was one of the things that still mystified him, even after all this time, that clothes could offer such powerful fortification”


Love… such an inadequate word for an extension of your soul, thought Raina, pulling back far enough to look at him. For someone who’d be yours until you turned to dust”


Eyes are a window to the soul, and it’s the soul that reincarnates. The way to kill a demon, so they never come back, involves destroying their eyes prior to death