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Hades by Carly Spade Mini Review

Image courtesy of Goodreads

I’m loving this current trend of re-imaginings of Greek myths and Greek mythology inspired stories. I’ve found Carly Spade’s Contemporary Mythos series especially refreshing.

In Hades, we meet Stephanie Costas, a digital forensic examiner and Dirty Dancing fan, who meets the god of the Underworld while on vacation in Corfu. Of course, sparks fly right away especially since Steph can see auras and realizes that there is more to Hades than meets the eye.

I found the broody Hades and his Southern accent very sexy and could really relate to Stephanie’s clumsiness. The chemistry between the two was electric and I loved how both went out of their comfort zones for one another. The scenes where Hades has to deal with his nephew and his aversion to the water were hilarious. But there were so many other funny scenes and great movie references. This was a 4 out of 5 star read for me and I recommend giving it a try.