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Queen’s Keeper by J.L. Vampa


“Prey, you should have been ready.”

Welcome to the highly anticipated tour for dark fairytale, The Queen’s Keeper by J.L. Vampa! Read on for details and a chance to enter an incredible giveaway!

Disclaimer: I received this eARC courtesy of R&R Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

Trigger Warning: Decapitation, Torture, Violence

Plot Summary:

What if I told you that everything you knew about your life was a lie and that you’re being hunted?

What if I told you that you were prey?

This is the reality for Luvenia Rousseau. Amidst the struggle to survive in a famished, war-torn country and the fight against the phantoms of her past, her family is brutally ripped apart by a tyrant queen’s venomous army. Just when all hope seems lost, she stumbles upon an enchanted realm while the queen hunts for the one who got away.

A page-turning debut novel among the likes of Hunger Games, Snow White, and Throne of Glass, this dark fairy tale adaptation will have you on the edge of your seat (Goodreads, 2021).

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Things I Enjoyed: This is a delicious dark fantasy/fairytale. J.L. is a master of atmosphere seamlessly melding the story from fairytale to horror story.

The plot is full of twists and turns that will keep you wanting to read until the very last page so that you can find out how the story ends.

The main character, Luvenia, reminds me a bit of Ciri and Renfri from the Witcher series. She finds her life turned upside down by an attack on her family and stumbles on a magical world. Throughout the story she transforms from naive girl into a warrior princess. And romance with Darius, who is a constant source of support for her, is a great soruce of light in what is often a dark story. And of course, I couldn’t help but love Luvenia’s moments with Nuria, who can be such a mother hen, but doesn’t hesitate to dole out the touch love when necessary.

Things I Didn’t Enjoy: Honestly, the only thing I would change for the sake of pacing would be to divide this into two books Due to the amount of characters and events the story at times felt a bit rushed.

Overall Thoughts: This was a 4 out of 5 stars for me. If you enjoy dark fantasy this is definitely a book worth picking up.

Overall Thoughts:

Emotions are a terrible guide, Thera. Anger can motivate, but it cannot lead.

It does not do to dwell amongst your ghosts and miss the land of the living, dear girl

The reason we are afraid is because we all have something left to fight for. We have each other and we have freedom. Freedom has always been and will always be worth fighting for.

About the Author


J.L. was born and raised in the great state of Texas. After attending college in Oklahoma, J.L. became a bookkeeper and office manager. She swiftly discovered she was to be a Keeper of Books and a Manager of Fantastical Worlds, instead. Thus began the unfolding of her literary journey,

J.L. now lives with her husband and two children, penning her next masterpiece for you to enjoy, while running her own bookish shop, Wicked Whimsy Boutique.

JL Vampa |  Instagram | Twitter | Wicked Whimsy Boutique

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