Best Way To Earn Money Online 2022

Aug 30, 2022

Best Ways To Earning Money Online as professional , so this is one of my online businesses that’s generated me over 300 thousand over the last few years and I wanna show you exactly in this video how I’m doing it welcome back to another video in this video. 

By using a very simple website to Earn Money Online. 

Now, I’ve been doing this for many years and I know exactly what’s working and I wanna show you exactly how you can go and do this step by step to potentially earn some income online

. Now, what that means step by step. 

Step I’m gonna take you through every single step and it’s only a few simple steps to go and implement this online so you can go and try this out yourself and it’s pretty simple to understand and by the end of this video you should understand to Earn Money Online. And understand how the process works. 

Now, when you get into this training in a quick second but before we do that, I just wanna let you guys know that I don’t use WhatsApp. I don’t use telegram and I don’t use discord and I’m not posting on.

Which app is best for earning money

 On any of those platforms pretending to be me or anyone pretending to be me on Instagram posting content that is not me they are fake and they are scammers and you should not send them any money just remember that and remember guys this video is to Earn Money Online.

 Saying, you’re gonna go and make a big amount of money with this. 

I’m just showing you what I’m doing online and I like to share that so you can potentially make some money if you follow along with the strategy. 

So, let’s jump into the tutorial and I will show you to Earn Money Online.

share exactly how you can make money on. In 2022.

 Alright guys, so before we jump into this video, I just wanna show some of the results but I also wanna explain to you why I’m doing this video right now to Earn Money Online.

 So to Earn Money Online, recently, I’ve been jumping back into some of my old businesses because I really enjoy doing them. Blogs.

 Over the last year, I kind of stepped away a little bit from them because I was doing other things in life but now I’m jumping back into them to Earn Money Online. 

How can a beginner make money?

That’s why you’ll see on this one it stays in the last 7 days, 262. It’s. 

Has been a little bit down. 

However, over the lifetime operate in this specific product, I have made over 300 thousand. 

No, I’m not saying you were gonna make this much and what I’m doing is to show you what I’ve been doing. 

So, you can go and use this information as you will. 

Potentially go and start your own online business and I’m gonna show you the steps that I took to do this and how I’m actually making this money right now with this particular affiliate marketing product. 

So, I’m gonna explain to you exactly what this is.. 

And everything that you need to know and how I’m actually getting some of the traffic to this product and we will talk about the traffic as well. 

Now, we’re gonna come back to this in a second but we need to go through this step by step. Now, this particular method is. 

If you don’t know what that is, what we do is we go and find a product. 

How can I earn GCash?

Once we find that product get a custom link and if we send people to that link and then make a purchase, we get a commission.

 This is a good way to make money online.. Someone else does the work in the back end but there’s a little bit more to just picking a random product and promoting it and I’m gonna show you how to promote a specific product in this video so. 

The first step we need to do when trying to make money with affiliate marketing is find a product to promote in this specific example we’re gonna talk about promoting a product called ClickFunnels. 

This product does it helps people create funnels, webinars, memberships, has a full email system. 

It’s really an all-in-one business platform and we can promote this by going to the bottom and clicking a. 

Right here affiliates and what it does is when you sign up you’ll get taken to a dashboard that looks like this and all you do is you scroll down to like here you click on this and you go get tools and you can get your affiliate links but. 

So the first step is finding the product and understanding what it does. 

Best Way To Earn Money Online 2022

So this product does a lot of things. 

You can build landing pages, finals, emails. Anything to do with the business with this particular product and it’s really important that you line the product up with the audience what do I mean by that while step number three is quite important as well who is the product for. 

How can I earn from playstore?

Loading a product that’s not making money online. 

It’s for people who are trying to learn how to make money.. 

And what we’re gonna be doing is connecting those potential people who are interested in purchasing a software that can help them do that with click funnels all we do. 

To start promoting this particular product and all I do is this is my affiliate link here. 

Now they actually have a lot of other products that you can promote as well in the back end but we’re not gonna talk about that right now because it’s pretty self explanatory. 

You just. 

Essentially, if you find people who are interested in maybe a webinars, you click on this and you can promote this specific platform to people who are interested in. 

Our most softwares have something to promote but what’s more important is we’re trying to line up the product with what we are trying to achieve. 

So we have a product that creates funnels and websites and stuff. We know that the people we’re going to be targeting are people. Pages webinars, memberships.

How to make money fast

 The next step is how are we going to promote this product? Are we gonna do it with the website? What the funnel? With paid ads with YouTube or all of their bubble which I don’t recommend.

 But what I’m gonna show you in this video is a.

 Have that I used to make money with ClickFunnels and this is probably I’m not saying it is but it’s probably one of the best ways to do this for beginners because it’s a really easy way to get traffic and it’s consistent traffic over time and it builds up. 

Over time but we can also do things like YouTube as well which we would dive into. 

So, what we need to do is we need to figure out how to get traffic and the best way to kind of figure this out is first of all you wanna go and make yourself a website. 

Now, I do have. 

On how you can make a free affiliate marketing website. 

However, I would recommend you do a paid one. 

I will leave a link below to a web hosting company that you can use. 

And what you wanna be creating is something similar to this. 

So this is actually my website. It’s called Fire Funnel. Com.. 

And what we do is we do articles based on click photos and on the right here we have some affiliate links and we also have some affiliate links inside the articles now this website isn’t getting a whole lot of traffic right now because I did neglect it over the last year but I am starting to put more effort into this.

 Now, I have all my writers writing up content. So, what is important here? What’s important is the content that you do. 

So, for example, we have click funnels versus get response which one should you use. 

How do I quick money?

This is a comparison. 

Article we’re comparing two products so people are searching information on click funnels and get response will come across this in Google so for example what is a sales funnel if people search this. 

Under that specific word. 

Now, here’s an example of what I mean.

 If we go to Google real quick and we put on something like how to make an Ebook funnel.

 An eBook funnel with click panels when someone searches that and this one actually gets quite a lot of traffic when someone searches how to make an Ebook funnel or how to make Ebook funnel or different variations of that. 

If I click on this it goes to my website that I own and then inside here we have links to the affiliate platform so we give people a quick tutorial on how to create an Ebook. 

Final with ClickFunnels and then what we do is we recommend ClickFunnels as a platform for them to use if they wanna go and create their own funnel.. 

Article but we actually do many articles like this like how to create a cooking Ebook funnel or how to create a webinar funnel. 

We do different variations of this and we get lots of traffic.

 It all starts to stack up. 

Okay? Now, click funnels. 

We’ll pay you 38 per month per person that signs up. So, you don’t need a lot. 

It’s a monthly recurring commission. Platform.

 But yeah, how do you, so, if we actually go through here, we go back to our website.


We have 23 pages of articles which is quite a lot. If we go to here, this one here was. 


Option for them to use to build online finals. 

So that’s exactly what we’re doing. How do I go and actually find these specific keyword ideas? So people can find me in Google. 

So I’m right here. 

So people can actually find. 

Meet in google. 

Well, it’s actually very simple. 

A lot of it just comes to my head because I know what people are looking for but you just gotta think what are people searching for? But you can use two tools that you could use to help you do this. 

And then keyword tool. IO. 

How could a 13 year old make money?

You can put in specific keywords and it will give you some ideas. 

So for example I put in sales funnel into word tracker. 

And I just go through what sales funnel. What is. 

Template I could do best sales final templates which is what I showed you before alright we can go down with all of these ideas lead generation funnel I can do a article. 

How to create a lead generation funnel?

Now, if we jump into this one right here, I put in a sales funnel as well and it’s got sales funnels template, sales funnels, strategy,. 

To do with but here we go. 

Carpets lower high search volume because there’s always gonna be someone searching in some point whether it’s 10 searches a month or five searches a month or a 1000 searches a month or 100 1000 searches a month it doesn’t matter so it was.

 Doing content so it keeps stacking up even if I get one click per month from each article five 100 articles it’s 100 clicks per month to my content now this one here Ebook funnel. 

How To Create a Facebook-funnel?

 Then if we go here. 

So, this is one of my favorite ones, okay? Is click finals verse.. 


Click burst. 

Get response. 

Click funnels verse thrive themes. It’ll be going to here.

 I go click funnels verse and I’ve got all of these options I can do.

 You can do content comparing two specific products.. 

And you can be an affiliate for both of them. So that’s the beauty of that. 

That’s why I really really like doing that.

 And that’s one of my favorite things to actually do.

 As you can see on my website. 

Come to you as you create content like a lot of this just comes to me as I create the content right now what I wanna do now is go on to step five now we are gonna jump into a little bit of YouTube stuff and a second bike. 

Step five is very important.

 We want to give them something for free. So, instead of just telling people to click our links here, what we can do is we can give them.. 

Or something else for free to get them into the trial now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give you a free template below where we can actually that you can edit so you can edit this template. Into this and you can say hey you can get your own custom page instead of sending people straight to an affiliate link to get to click photos. 

How can I earn money from Adsense?

Give away something for free. 

That’s more likely people actually gonna sign up. 

You can go to website called free PLR downloads and you can actually go ahead and you can get these free books that you could give away.. 

So, you could just edit this page and say, hey,. Marketing by doing this. 

Now, we were gonna cover YouTube traffic but we’re actually gonna do that in another video. 

So, make sure you subscribe so you know when that video comes out. 

But step one is you find a product to promote. 

Step two is what does. 

Okay? Then what you need to do is bind people to promote that too..

 And all that sort of stuff. 

Step four, how are we gonna promote the product is it via our website via a funnel via paid ads.

 I have lots of videos on my channel showing you how to promote these types of offers via different specific methods and then,. 

We have to offer them. 

Who import this. Notification bell and check out some of my videos on the right shown you exactly how you can make some more money online.

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