How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website 2022

Sep 4, 2022
how to build an affiliate marketing website 2022

How to build an affiliate marketing website? we will be taking a look at how you can build your own affiliate marketing website.

So, let’s get into it now. The first step in any website is to find. Where you’re going to get air affiliates, so there are so many platforms out there that have so many different kinds of products that you can get for affiliate marketing.


Where you’re going to get affiliates from platforms?

some of the most popular ones include Amazon Associates which is basically just. Over here.. The products that you like, then you also have for your plus where you can sign up for free and you don’t have to wait any longer.

You can just go on ahead, click on sign up, I’m going to log in to my account. I already have one and you’re gonna finish the sign and process enter your Email address.

they’re just going to enter email address and a suitable password/ enter some other information and then you can go on ahead and take a look at their top products. and start I know going on ahead and viewing the different offers that are available.


How do you make an affiliate marketing website from scratch?

First Step is : Selecting your favourite Platform for Creating a good Website.

  1. Set Up your Affiliate Dashboards.
  2. Customize Site with great Plugins.
  3. Share Banners and Links.
  4. Customize Site with great Theme.
  5. Promote Your Brand

so you can take a look at the different products Affiliate marketing website so what you’re going to do. All you’re going to do is you can choose a platform like WordPressibility or website. but if you’re a beginner then I would recommend that you just go on ahead and go to Wicks.

so Wicks is a free website builder and if you’re looking to do a fully at marketing and it’s just the first. First time you’re trying it out, then I would recommend that you go with wigs because it’s going to be for free and you’re going to be able to you know work very easily.

it doesn’t have a lot of you know complicated items especially if you have never built a website before. On work using your email address and using your affiliate marketing website.

I want you sign up by your email address this is going to be your basic home page so you’re just gonna click on create new site on Wakes over here and I want you to do that you can begin building your website zone. Not the editor X the editor X is something that I would only reserve for you know more seasoned professionals.

how to build an affiliate marketing website 2022

What type of website is best for affiliate marketing?

than you’re going to add what kind of website are you creating, so you can enter what kind of website you’re creating though. You can enter that if you want but let’s say I want to you know reframe my affiliate marketing website because there are so many different affiliate marketing website.

They will see more natural they won’t seem like you know you’re trying to force it down people so this will give you a natural way where you can just post a few blogs for Affiliate marketing Website.

you know it can post like one or two organic blocks and then you can post an Affiliate marketing Website blog, and this will give you more natural look. Where I just talk about the things that I like and things that I found helpful. In my life and then in that I can promote my products that I’m receiving from Amazon while you’re plus or did you store 24 as well.

so I’m gonna click on next over here and then this will. Editor website editor and we’re gonna pick a template and then. Customized that. So, you can see there are so many blogging templates, you have personal blog, design blog, fashion blog, tech blog, and there are so many different templates available. Though I’m going to click on over here and you can see that you have a bunch of different options.

You can choose from and what I’m going to do. And then I can begin editing the template and customizing it to make it my own and here you will actually add your you know you’re gonna start writing blogs and then with the blogs.

you’re actually going to promote your product and this is the most simplest and efficient way. That you can promote your products. and without having a very direct section a very direct marketing tactic that you know often people recognize and they they no longer feel interested in buying the product when they see that oh they’re just promoting the product still.

How do I create a domain for affiliate marketing?

Is going to be very efficient in that way. The first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna change the logos. You’re gonna click on the top left over here. So the first thing you’re going to do is change the logo and you can just click on the top left over here. Click on delete to delete any previous logo.

You can delete the box. Double click the text and then enter your own title and I’ve added the title and if I click on the text. I can edit the text and add you know I can customize it a bit more but what I’m going to do is I’m just going to place it over here instead.

and Then I’m going to double click and I’m going to increase the font size a little like this. And you can click on change image over here and upload your own image, and I would just click on upload media you can make a collage of the image of the top products that you’re promoting that is a very good tactic to you know get the products in people’s eyes for people to be interested.

Or you can just take a clip on settings add any other image so you can click on media from wicks and get a royalty free image so let’s say this is like a product that I’m promoting so I would just add that over here and after that what I can do is I can click on this column and I can.

how to build an affiliate marketing website 2022

Click on change calling background and I’m going to click on color and I’m going to change the color I’m going to click on edit. I’m gonna use this and click on apply. Now, I’m going to go back and I’m going to click on change trip background. I’m going to look on color.

Make it slightly less opaque. If you don’t need some of the text and then you can add more text as you go if you want to add any kind of elements so what you’re going to do is click on ad elements and then you can add anything from images buttons decorative items strips boxes galleries you know photo. Kalijah’s photo carousel as well all of that good stuff over here.

Customize the design and remove any kind of. Work still mean obviously if you’re going to run a professional blog you’re going to upgrade your own domain but because this is just a tutorial I’m going to continue with the free wicks domain and the best part about wigs is that not only do they give you a free domain but you get free hosting as well.

and that is Going to be super easy to know a manager website when you’re getting free hosting as well so we’re gonna refresh our page and then we’re just going to visit our website and I will show you guys how you can post your blogs onto your website now we’re just going to load our. Website and we’re gonna go back onto our wicks home page.

Now, you can see over here our website has been uploaded and if I go on to the my site section over here. Like on the menu section if I click I can go on to blog this is where all the post will be so what I can do to start adding my blogs is you can go back into my site section click on the website like I just did over here and this will open up the Wicks. Dashboard.

So, from here, you’re going to manage your website. This is going to be the back end of your website and over here on your top left, you’re gonna have your blog and then on your blog, you’re just gonna click on blog and once you do that, this will open up the overview so you can just click on create.

New post and then it can begin uploading your blogs and promoting your product in your blogs on this section onto your affiliate marketing website.

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