How To Create A Canva Gig In Fiverr Tutorial 2022

How to create Canva Gig in Fiverr: in giving you a tutorial on how to create a canva gig and fiber so let’s get started first we’ll drop. If you have no idea about fiber, fiber is a freelancing plant from where we can create our own gigs and sell them online to make money. I wanna come to making money on Fiverr.

Ways to Create Canva Gig:

We have different ways to work on fiver Search as graphic designing digital marketing. Writing and translation, video, and animation, music, and video programming and tag, business, lifestyle, and trending options.

So, all of these different issues are available on fiber and we can get started with five or two make money. When it comes to fiber we can actually create any kind of gig and when it comes to creating gig we also need a plaid form where we will be actually working so today we will be focusing how can we allows us to make money online.

How this designing tool will help us create different gigs on fiverr?

I will be showing you the different gigs that are available and the gigs you can create on Fiverr using canva and it will allow you to make money so you can also go to, and create your own free account as well so once you have the account then this is where you will get and I’ll actually show you the different options available on Kenbuck. Invitations, videos, PDF editors, let me have websites, resumes, planners, social media post, and menus, presentations, and more.

So you can see the relation between canva and Fiverr. That for example, if I could create. Logo designing so you can go to the graphic and designing and go to logo. I will be able to show you that how many people are actually working in this nation.

You can see that we can create different type of logos. You can see this person is saying I will design a flat minimalist logo design for you. This one is saying I will design a simple urban street. We are clothing Brand logo perfect that we have this one.

Whats the relation between canva and Fiverr?

I will design three modern minimalistic logo and then we have this one so all of these professional logos can be created on canva so I can also create a gig now and I can say that I will create And then i will go to fiverr.Com and on canva we have our own logo designs available and we can create a logo.

so you just go to the logo design here and there are a lot of different templates available as well you. More than 45 1000 templates available for us devil allow me to customize the logos and you can see how easy it is and with in minutes I can customize any of these logos and create a professional logo for My client.

so now I can create a gig on fiverr that I can also create a logo for you that I’ll come back to select any of the tablet or maybe start from the scratch get inspiration from these different templates and create very professional logos Companies for food restaurants, that we have designing logos and any logo you want to create.

so you can see right here that all of these templates are available, so the first niche that you can go for is logo designing. The next gig you can create on fiverr is going to be social media posts and marketing so you can go to digital marketing right here.

and you need to go to social media in social media marketing what we can. Create social media post and design ads for our clients. You can do it here. They’re saying I will be your personal social media marketing manager.

They’re saying I will identify all of your Instagram goals, followers, and then we have I will be your social media A manager. So, what these people do is that you can see content creation, graphic designing scheduling, and this is what we will also be doing.

The next gig you can create on fiverr:

So now, I have created a gig less say that this is one of the news that I can go for. I’ll go to canva and on canva .. We have social media post templates available so let me actually show you so we have social media post and you can see there are more than 52 1000 templates available for this and in this niche what we can do is we can create a simple social media Post or we can create, you know, ads and then we have promotional posts.

You can see right here for any of the business that you have. If you have a restaurant, if you have a store, if it’s a campaign, you can create posts on Canva and that’s what I can offer to. To my clients I can say that I will be creating this promotional post for you guys and all I need to do is just select any of these template and then what I will do is I will discuss the text add their store name, add their business name and Create a professional social media post for them.

so you can see that how good these templates are and can allows me to choose from different categories as well. So, you can go with story, Facebook post, resume, posters, presentations,. Let me have different styles as well such as modern minimalist, simple, elegant, illustrations, and creative in theme we have business marketing post, pink, illustration, and fashion.

and then we also have price where you can go with free or the Kenba. You can also choose a color add and actually meet all the demands your client has on a fiverr.

How To Create A Canva Gig In Fiverr Tutorial 2022

How to work as a video editor on fiverr?

On fiverr and a lot of editors are working you can see there are more than 60 1000 services available for video editing now there are a lot of professional video editors. And we can create very good videos on so what we can do is we can also say that I will edit professional a video for you you can see they have different you know categories here such as product videos as You know cinematic one music video.

so this is like these kind of video gigs that we can create on Fiber so once you are created a gig on Fiber for video editing you will go to Ken Bob and Kimba allows us to add it video as well. We can not only added videos but we can create ads on Canva as well and this is one of the things that really stand out to me that we can create professional ads using a canva.

so you can see that four videos we have more event in nine. 1000 templates available all of these templates for videos and what I can do is I can edit the videos myself as well and we can start from the scratch we can add different elements we can add text we can add different transitions we can add an Whatever you want to add to your video. Really good editor for you guys. Very easy to use.

video editing gig can be created on fiverr:

You can change background, images, you can add text, you can add phones, intros, outros, whatever you want to create. Using a canvas. So video editing gig can be created on fiverr when it. Then there are other gigs as well such as NFT art we can create an FDR on Canva as well just like we create a simple art similarly we can design t-shirts on Canva.

and we can create presentations these are the gigs. That we can create on Fiverr and it will help us and can we will help us create these videos and these different you know gigs we can also create planners on Canva and planners also do pretty good when it comes to creating a Fiber gig.

You can see that I will create a professional planner for you and just go to Kenbaugh and create a planner. We can also design stickers on can bump when it comes to the website designing we can also design landing pages and can via and when it comes to the trending topic.

You can see there’s Ecommerce marketing game development NFT services architecture and interior designs image editing, now image editing is also really easy on Canva and we can create this gig on Fiverr and start selling and Making money.

So, yeah, guys. This is an overview tutorial for you guys to show you that what gigs are available that you can create on Fiverr and use canva to get the skills and to create your content to sell on Fiverr. You can use Canva for all of these different content you can design flyers logos resumes business cards invitations and grabs, you can add it videos you can create presentations and you can also create social media Post stickers and labels and more. so go ahead and get started with canva and then start creating gigs on Fiverr to grow your bussiness.

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