How To Make money on YouTube For Beginners 2022

Aug 30, 2022

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for our YouTube articles. Like in the history of my YouTube channel, I am most excited for this video. If you guys watched last week’s video, I talked about how to become a full-time YouTuber and I shared some tips. 

Especially first getting started and nearing the end I talked about making money from YouTube and creating a money plan for yourself and really figuring out how you can scale your incomes that you can’t do this full. Realistic so In October of 2016 and at the time I just had a website I was a blogger and I did have an Instagram as well but my main sources of income and how I was trying to make money from YouTube was through affiliate marketing and ads on my website it wasn’t until October 2017 .

that I actually got started with my YouTube channel and even then took me a very very long time to grow I’m sure that Sony times here on my channel Of 2019 I had my brand for two and a half years at that point I was only making a month two and a half years worth of work and that’s how much money I was making and I know I say this all. It’s totally not.

How many views to get paid on your YouTube channel?

 I’ve had my brand for almost 5 years at this point and now thousand a month and I’m gonna give you the full breakdown of how I’ve gotten here but for the first two and a half years, I’ve really was not making. A lot of money at all.

 So, back in March of 2019, I actually had four income streams. The first one was affiliate marketing and at the time, I was only making money from one affiliate marketing network that I was part of which is share sale. Now, I am still a part of that network.

 I. Affiliate marketing next we’ve got client work and actually I need to like preface this because my bookkeeping at the time was not correct. Ended up having to go and correct it but this statement is not is not accurate. So, if client work, it says that I made. 20 when in reality, some of my sales were actually client work. So, one of my main sources of the incoming. 

Add the time was client work. I was a freelancer. I was on up work and then I was also taking clients just through my audience.

How many views do you need to make money on YouTube?

So, if you guys found me on Instagram, if you found me on Pinterest or my blog, through my YouTube channel, I was taking clients that way and I was doing SEO content. 

20 from client work but then also another that I accidentally classified under.. Sales which is not correct. Then, we’ve got ads, okay?

 As you guys know, like every single month, I create a video and I share exactly how much money I am making with my ads from my YouTube channel, Well. At the time, I was not monetized.

 So, the only way that I was making money with my app.. And if you guys know Google ads sends you have to have  for them to actually do a payout so thankfully this month I had a payout of 107. And that is months of traffic that led me to that point. 

Then we’ve got my sales and it says  when in reality was only . Again, I classified that wrong but that is from sales of my digital product.

 So, at the time, I had my TCB vault which I actually had a membership platform back in the day.. Which was kind of a course it included the blog hustler included media kits and just a wide variety of things but again that is no longer available because that was.It was getting recommended, suggested I was appearing on people’s home pages and there was. 

How many like do you need to make money on YouTube?

So let’s do a breakdown and talk about what happened first affiliate marketing guys you are going to notice a huge trend and just like the increase in my affiliate marketing here in March of 2020.. Marketing platforms.

It’s when you refer a product there’s a custom length that you have when someone clicks on it completes a sale you get a small commission for that .

How to make money from YouTube:

so if you guys have no idea what affiliate marketing networks are that’s really what I wanna talk about here like I said 

Sign up and you pay for it monthly if. 2019 to 2020 because i joined more affiliate marketing networks and you guys are going to notice that as a trend in this video two skill your income one of the easiest things. 

Marking income at the time.But one of the affiliate programs I’m a part of I only made. Come here to another program. 

Client work was kind of a means to an end for me. I liked doing consultations.

 Near in the end of 2019 and then in 2020 I actually offloaded my final client next we’ve got to add so add this time my website was still monetized as well as my main channel was monetized so with my ads I made 2000. 

There are few reasons why this jumped. One, an increase of my paid products. In 2019, I only had three things available for you guys to purchase compared to in 2020. I actually don’t need. 

As well as YouTube thumbnails I had my Ebook I think I might have had the blog this bundle still at that time and then I ended up. 

As my audience scaled and I especially I have my board up blueprint that is a strategy it’s really a workbook that you can work through write down where you’re at right now and come and come. With an action plan of how you can move your brand forwards. What I’ve been using for years to help my brand to scale but I came out with that at the perfect time when you guys wanted to know how I was growing. 

How I Was Able To Scale My Income From $19,000 A YEAR to $30,000 A MONTH // How To Make money on YouTube

How Many Subscribers For YouTube?

So, coming out with a product like that and coming out with other products.. Exactly what I do here online. You guys are really into it and my sales ended up skyrocketing.

 That is something that is going to play a key factor here. Obviously, if you are at the same point with your audience and you’re stuck at 1000 subscribers or something for years.. Years and years. It is going to be harder for you to scale your income compared to if you continue to scale your audience, your income will hopefully scale along with it.

 If you are doing the right things. If I had just stayed with the exact same paid products, it only had three. If I had just stayed with only one.

 One affiliate marketing network yeah I really wouldn’t have been able to scale my income that much like I do think maybe I would have made a little bit more money with an increase in my audience but it needs to go hand in hand with an increase of your audience as well as an increase of your efforts.

 To make more money and then the very last thing in 2020 is sponsorship. So, I finally got started with sponsorships. Actually, at the beginning of 2020 and that month I made a little bit of money from that.. 

Now, for the good stuff, okay? We’re gonna talk about march of 2021 and this is really like my money making strategy today. Obviously, cuz I’m filming this in May of 2021. 

What are requirements to monetize YouTube?

So, in March, I ended up making let’s start with affiliate marketing so affiliate marketing guys in 2019 what was it. Compared to 2 years later I ended up making. In 1 month. 

So, what happened here?  So, in 2020, I was a part of four or I was a part of more than four but I had four payout in March of 2020. Compared to in March of 2021, I had. Six different programs payout and one of those programs guys I only made

 Again you do not need to be making a ton of money from each individual affiliate marketing platform but another one I ended up making overHow the heck can you scale your affiliate marketing income like I’ve done. 

Again, join different affiliate marketing networks. Make sure they are aligned with the content that you create and the things that you share in your videos. Two, naturally share. Those affiliate marketing like whatever is if it’s a company, if it’s a product, if it’s a service, whatever. Actually, talk about them in your video and tell your audience that you’re going to link to it in the description bar down below. It is going to get their attention instead of just going to google and searching for the product instead of going. 

Absolutely love them. I’d link them in the description bar of every single one of my YouTube videos and I do that because this goes for literally anyone. 

If you are YouTuber, I have affiliate links to all of your camera gear in the description bar of your videos because your audience honestly wants to know what you’re. 

And see if those links are there and if those links are already there guys it’s easy passive income affiliate market. 

Can you monetize YouTube with less than 1000 subscribers?

So at this time I was making money with my website through my ads. Really not much. It’s like 20 bucks a month there. It’s really not a lot of money. Then I’ve got my main channel as well as my blog channel and my main channel had obviously scaled from the year previously when I had 75 1000 subscribers.

 Now I’m up to 344 1000 subscribers at the time and we. That came and increase in my view. So, on my main channel, I had over 750 1000 views and then I also had my vlog channel monetize which got about 48 1000 views. 

So, I was almost at 800 1000 views that was generating me this in. 

A higher RPM and you create more videos like that that’s going to increase your RPM, your CPM, and you’re going to end up making more money but honestly, one of the like most obvious ways to make more money with your ads on YouTube is by getting more views on your YouTube videos and I’ve got that. 

How I Was Able To Scale My Income From $19,000 A YEAR to $30,000 A MONTH // How To Make money on YouTube

How do I get 4K hours on my YouTube for monetization ?

Talking about how you can use the algorithm, how you can scale your views.  Next up, we have got my sales of digital products. At this time, From my digital products. The very last thing is sponsorship for youtube.

 Since my brand was growing, since my audience grew, I could charge a lot more.. Sponsorships and that 1 month. Absolutely insane to me but there’s obviously two key factors that played a huge role in me scaling my income.

 One, diversifying my income streams. Under just like the income streams themselves. So, like affiliate marketing ads, sponsorships, like,. Sponsorships that was a brand new income stream that I added but even with affiliate marketing, yes, I had affiliate marketing, then, I kept joining my programs and even today, I’m still joining more programs, two, increase that income, with ads, first, it started out with just my website, then it was my website, and my main..

 Channel and then it was my website my main channel and my blog channel so you can find ways to diversify your income within each individual income stream that you already have or you can continue to add more income streams to help you to scale but diverseifying your incoming.

 And then the second thing is obviously just like the scale and increase in my audience the more people that I had watching my YouTube videos of course that was gonna increase my ads revenue.

I got more people to purchase my paid products but there are so many different income streams that you can have and I just want you to realistically think about where you’re at right now, where is your money coming from, and what do you. 

Need to do to get where you want to go and you don’t need to set crazy unrealistic expectations for yourself to scale your income from a month thousand a month like you don’t need to do that right away you. 

Can do today to get to where you want to go in the future. So, hopefully you guys like this video. 

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