How To Use An NFT Instagram Bot 2022

Sep 5, 2022
How To Use An NFT Instagram Bot 2022

How to use an NFT Instagram bot? hey guys we will be taking a look at how you can use a NFT Instagram bot to boost your engagement on Instagram for your NFT collection so let’s. Get into it. Now, the first thing that you’re going to do is let’s say that you have a open seat launch or drop coming up for your NFT collection.

then you probably already have a NFT Instagram Bot account that is dedicated to NFT’s or your Instagram Code for a collection whatever account that you are using that represents you and have to collection or your NFT account that you are uploading from Engage with posts that are related to NFTs.

how does this boost your sales well?

Tweets as well and that will give me more direction so that is the main purpose it’s pretty much the same on NFT Instagram Bot so what does bot will do is that this bot will automatically like following interact with other NFT creators and posts that are tagged within.

With NFT hashtags and then you will get more engagement on your post you will get more engagement on your Instagram account and then once you have more engagement on your Instagram account people will be more likely to view it they will see that oh you have a launch coming up.

They will actually look out for a launch and you know, be more interested in whatever you are. Presenting on your Instagram account. So, that is the main purpose of using a NFT Instagram bod. We’re gonna go into the Chrome web store.

so Chrome or just going to search for IG booster but if you’re not able to find this specific bot because these kinds of bots often are disabled by Instagram after a while so if you’re Washing this video and the future and you’re not able to find this specific bot just search for Instagram unliking but you will find a similar result.


Does Instagram allow NFT?

of-course instagram use NFT bots.

Going to click on add extension once you have the extension downloaded it will be added so now my extension is added you’re going to click this puzzle icon on the top right of your screen and we can just pin this on our toolbar.

Now, we’re just going to pin this. And once you have this pin, you can just click on your extension. Now, you’re going to open up Instagram. Com and you’re going to log on to your account. So, I have already done that. I have logged on to my Instagram account on Instagram desk.

You’re going to do this on your web browser. Don’t download any application for this. Just go on to Google Chrome, type in Instagram.Com and log on to Instagram account. Make sure this is the account that you’re using to promote your NFTs that you have logged on. One, two/.

so that you are able to interact with that. Now, once you have done that, you’re going to open up# and FT and now, what you’re going to do is you’re gonna go on to your homepage. Now, you’re just going to click on finding with Google to sign into your actual. By cooking on the Instagram bot over here we’re just going to wait for this sign up.

How do I market my NFT on Instagram?

  1. Pay The Advertising Platforms.
  2. Create your Instagram Page.
  3. Create Reels.
  4. Use Hashtags.
  5. Pay An Influencer.
How To Use An NFT Instagram Bot 2022

now once you have signed up to your Google account you can click on your bot over here it’s going to display the name of the NFT Instagram Bot account on the top left of your screen that you. Have logged on to and then it’s just going to click on go to set up bot you’re going to choose like what kind of body you wanted to be.

so let’s say you want to like and comment and I just want to comment hard eyes so you can add any kind of bulk comments. You want make sure they are super general, because they could be posted onto any post in these specific# but then you’re going to choose your target audience you’re going to enter the Instagram username.

and then you’re just going to limit the users so how many. Easier to want to target. Let’s say we have custom users and you can add a specific list. You can add popular NFT pages and then you can choose how much pauses you want in the interval but they want to put a 3 to 22 minute interval and like the larger the interval will be better.

It looks a little more realistic. They’re going to add a bit wait time and then let’s say that we want to do it on open sea and then you’re just going to add you know the large NFT marketplaces to take a look at the large pages that are dedicated to NFT. Over here.

You can see you have a maximum of 10 1000 for 90 can do and these are 10 per day on the free version and you can see how open sea that I used so I want to like and comment on open seat and it will show you what it’s actually doing so it’ll show you the comments that is putting on Audiences are just going to input those accounts and start liking and commenting on.


How do you create an NFT?

  1. List your NFT for sale.
  2. Set up an NFT wallet.
  3. Choose a blockchain.
  4. Create the NFT.
  5. Choose an NFT platform for success.

Those in this will get you more interaction on your NFT account as well you can find similar bot for Twitter as well and they’re super similar and easy to set up you can just simply go on Twitter. Text that you can follow and like and you can find other Twitter bots and NFT Instagram Bot as well. So, if any of these bots is disabled when you are looking for a bot.

then you can use a alternative. They work all the same. You have to do the same thing. You just have.. Set up in a very similar manner you just have to provide that basic information and your bot will be created and then you can log out and then you can remove the bot from the extension once you are done with your NFT drop.

so I would recommend that you do. There’s a couple of days or like a week before you have a NFT launch let’s say you’re going to launch your collection on the first of September so let the you’re going to launch your collection on the first or second of September then now would be a good time do you know interacting. With the NFT Instagram Botcommunity of NFTO to interact with the NFT space.

How To Use An NFT Instagram Bot 2022

that is present on Instagram and that is why you can use a simple bot like this that will like and subscribe to like and comment on other people’s interview posts and this will get you. A larger audience for your account as well you can see how IG booster automation tool for NFT Instagram Bot.


that is a similar product you also have the auto IG you have groceries you have on follow you have DM Bob on NFT Instagram Bot do automatic follow and unfollow. Or NFT Instagram Bot for free. So these are a lot of different bots that you can automate.

It’s very much the same as I showed you guys and you can get this before your Instagram account. You can create a specific NFT Instagram Bot. I would recommend you create a specific NFT Instagram Bot account. That is by the name of your hope and see your energy collection whatever is the name of your energy collection making NFT Instagram Bot account.


How do I get my NFT noticed?

and you know add a few promotional videos add a couple of images of the NFT Instagram Bot as well to that Instagram account no when people see you know your interaction. With them on NFT Instagram Bot when they look at your profile.

there is actually some valid and interesting information regarding your drops or your NFTs on your NFT Instagram Bot which will get them more interested to further look into your. Work and your illustration and your upcoming energy launch or drop as well.

So that was it for today. I hope you guys found this video. I hopeful. Make sure to like this video and subscribe to the YouTube channel and comment down below. Chips and tricks that I have taught you within this video and make sure to also share this articles with your friends and family and to other creators as well.

so you can help them out as well and to anyone that might need to know this basic detailed platform and. How you navigate through these different social websites.

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