How To Use Brave Browser And Earn Money For Beginners 2022

Aug 30, 2022

 How to use brave browser and earn money?

Hi, guys. Welcome back to another video and in this video, I’m going to be telling you how you can use the brave browser and earn Money.

 Is a pretty amazing browser that allows you to view content without any as whatsoever. It’s one of their, you know, best-selling points. So, if you, you know, don’t like as and you don’t wanna use a Brave Browser or you know, use YouTube or any other, you know,.

How To Use Brave Browser And Earn Money For Beginners 2022

How do I start earning in Brave browser?

 Go on to any other website and you don’t wanna see us in previous one of the best ones to go there and this one that they’re selling points, right? No, Brave also allows you to earn money through Brave as well.

 So, how do they do that while it’s pretty simple? Let me first download the Brave browser and show you.. And while it downloads, I’ll tell you a little bit about it.

 So, let me just click on download Brave over here. There you go. It’s downloaded. Now, let me just go ahead and install it.

How do I claim my Brave rewards?

  1.  Okay, now it’s installing so well, it’s installed. Let me just show you. 
  2. So, basically what Brave does is, you know,. The way you earn money from Brave Browser is by a cryptocurrency called back which is known as so let me just show you real quick so now that it’s downloaded I’ll tell you a little bit about it in a second so over here as you can see if I come over here onto the reward section we have rewards over here so if I Click on rewards over here.
  3.  It’s gonna take me over here which over here we can earn tokens just by browsing. So, pretty simple. 
  4. You don’t even have to do a lot of thing. You just have to use, you know, brave browser and overtime you’re gonna build up a crypto.

How do I withdraw money from Brave browser?

 Currency. Right, which is called BAT. That there have their own cryptocurrency and let me just show you real quick. So, this is their token right here which is called the basic attention token. What it does is it basically gives you, you know, specific ads..

 Did you choose to wanna see? So, if you choose to want to see those specific ads that is how you basically, you know, earn money in brave browser. So, it’s really simple. 

Can I earn money using brave browser?

You don’t even have to do a lot of things. You just have to download Brave Browser and start using it. So, since I’m already down.

 Let me show you over here you have brave rewards as you see as you can see over here you can earn tokens by viewing privacy respecting ads and support your favorite sites and content creators automatically now what this will do is basically you know allow you to use. 

Can we convert Brave rewards to cash?

See ads without having to you know have specific tags targeted. Specifically. Making videos on them and reviewing those software. So, the ads that I tend to get on this Google ID is only specific towards those software. 

So, I get money.Com as I get HubSpot ads I get Trello ads and all of those types of softwares. I get only those types of ads over here. Whereas if I switch over to let’s say whereas if I switch over to another website it does this one over here what I get or adds on here are about different things.

 It can be anything because this is my main browser and I view content over here. So, Hear my ads are different. 

So, these are what they call, you know, trackers that allows you to view unspecified ads based on your search history on based on what you are searching for. 

How To Use Brave Browser And Earn Money For Beginners 2022

How do I send my BAT in Brave?

  1. Whereas in brave that does not happen over here, you will only get specific ads.
  2.  That you would want to, you know, see privacy respecting ads and if you view those as, then, you will get the basic attention token which is called the back token and over here, as I said before, this is how it works. 
  3. So, you. And then this is how it looks like. So, this is gonna be easier. 
  4. You’re gonna be able to view the advertisement. 
  5. You’re gonna be able to support your creator as well. So, but the advertiser won’t know you.
  6.  So, that that way you won’t have those types of As you can see the number of wallets created are over 10. 6 million over here on chain transaction is three.
  7.  7 million number of condom creators that’s a poor brave are one. 
  8. 4 million I think one of the ones is build a franco I think it’d That and Alex as well which is also pretty cool. 

Does Brave have ads?

You know, YouTubers so over here as you can see we have verified creators over here on Twitter,. Pretty amazing, you know, software, brave, and I highly recommend it. So, for example, if I, since I’m over here, right? So, let me just go ahead and start using it. Continue for Brave Browser 

So, over here as you can see currently, I have nothing. Thing. I have no ads over here. So, because I just, you know, downloaded it. 

So, let me actually go ahead. Bunch of stuff over here, you know, setting up a browser. 

It’s adding all these fonts as well. So, over here, as you can see, no ads, over here, on YouTube, or anything like that. So, if I were to just simply view let’s say this video right here, this video will have oh. Right? So, usually when you play a YouTube video, you will see ads over here, right?

Is Brave browser Safe 2022?

 But as you can see right now, there is no ad over here, no ad over here, no ads, and the description. So, it is what it they say it is. It’s a total ad free. Have to worry about it and whenever you use, you know, brave. So, you won’t view any answer over here if I come over here onto google and I search for anything, right? Like, let’s say, I wanted to check out Wicks right here. 

So,. If I just simply search for Wicks you will see I only will get the Wicks ad in front of me I won’t have all these other usually when you go over to Google you search for a specific content or niche you will have the first four searches that you will have are gonna be ads.

 They will have ad written over here and then you will have the main search down below so keep that in mind whereas over here you will only get a specific ads that you choose over here since I’m trying to view a weeks I will only get weeks so over here if I Come over here, right?

 If I just simply reload this, currently, I have nothing because I haven’t, you know, add anything. I didn’t view any ads or stuff like that. Over here, as you can see, 55 trackers and ads were blog 598 bands. Time saved as well.

How To Use Brave Browser And Earn Money For Beginners 2022

Brave browser earn money Reddit:

 So overall I think it’s a pretty amazing website and as I said before you will be get bats and they are a you know. 

Have to choose a wallet service such as upholder Gemini and once you have you know created their your account with these two wallets then you will be able to you know. Them online as well. 

So, what you can do is you can just simply hold that cryptocurrency wallet and if the, you know, scales go up, then you will be paid to if I just simply search for that token over here. I told let’s say coin market over here. Basically, attention to open over here. 

So, currently, it’s. Oh. 624 and it’s currently going up so and before it was really really down so as you can see it went down real quick but now it’s currently going up and as you can see you can make quite a lot of money with it as well.

 so You don’t even have to buy them you can buy them but you don’t even need to buy them because all you have would have to do is just simply use brave browser and you can earn this in the background and whenever they can drop down you don’t even have to worry about that because you haven’t lost any of your money and when they go. You just simply sell them and then you know continue to use. 


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