How To Search For Keywords That Will Drive Traffic For Your Competitors 2022

How to find keywords that will drive traffic to your competition in an easy way. We will look at how to find keywords that attract traffic. You can also analyze it and use it in your own content. So, let’s learn it. Currently,

everyone knows something about keyword research and everyone knows basic tips and tricks on how to get started but what is the best way to get started?. Instead of analyzing your competitors. So, I’ll focus on that today.

How do I find my competitor keywords ?

  1. Tag Clouds.
  2. WordStream’s Free Keywords Tool.
  3. Spyfu.
  4. Seed Keywords.
  5. Semrush.
  6. Google Auction Insights.
  7. BuzzSumo.
  8. Ahrefs.

How do I find my competitors keywords for SEO ?

( search for new keywords using a phrase, website )
( Enter your competitor’s URL and click “get ideas )
( Review the list of competitor keywords )

Here are three key ways to safely and effectively target their .

Which are best for SEO !

The best for your SEO strategy will take into account relevance ,and volume You want to find highly searched keywords that you can reasonably compete for based on The level of competition you’re up against. Your ability to produce content that exceeds in quality what’s currently ranking Currently ranking by SEO keywords.


Therefore, you need to evaluate the difficulty of ranking, comparing and contrasting with blogs that are on the same level or. Find creators who are at your same level.

So, whenever you are searching for a keyword to target, be sure to check the number of referral domains and the ranking of domains or friend domains that are pointing back to that website and. The objective relevance of the most important findings.

So, you need to make sure you evaluate these factors before targeting a keyword because if you target something like Gucci. So, if you look up Gucci, obviously, . linkedin youtube. Some ideas using one or two keywords.

Where can I find high traffic ?

  1. Prioritize your content production efforts to target the most valuable
  2. Identify content topics that your audience will find informative and useful.

Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty of analyzing your competitors, you need to assess the difficulty of ranking for a particular keyword, generation, one.. something you need to make sure is that let’s say I’m stopping a fashion blog. Now, if I’m just starting a fashion blog, I can’t expect the same search volume to be redirected towards me just because I’m using the same keyword as. Perhaps Vogue is using this blog or plot from this too well established.

What is a fresh keyword.

you can chime in with the latest news and attract some new audience, breaking from your old, existing audiences. revolving around the Google search bar can be searched in this world 2022

How much is the return from this work / and what is the benefit from this article?

The return from this work.

The return is access to something, meaning and an explanatory method. It is access to profit from the Internet for your way of working, so you are here now looking for the word Muftah.

What are the benefits is the material.

  • First, learn from this lesson.
  • Secondly, work on you soon.
  • Third, understand what SEO is.
  • Fourth, how to write SEO the right way.
  • Fifth link SEO to the key word.
  • Sixth, your knowledge of this page, it talks about it.
  • Seventh, leave us a comment on what you understood from this article.
  • Eighth, follow the following headings.

When you are looking for something and you do not find it in this way, it may raise your curiosity about the thing that you wanted, and this matter is required now in the world of the Internet and work on it. At the present time, learn, then train, and then you have to finally start and work. The market is open to everyone. Everything is conditional on dealing with binding terms and privacy, and this is normal.

Prelude to the next article / What are we going to talk about?

We will talk about how to make money, especially the 1,000 dollars per month through the Internet, as a kind of additional income, but in the next article I will bring you some surprises from the links that I will leave and the simple, comfortable explanation that is quick to understand, you have to follow and observe, and we must continue to learn and succeed

And in order to share with us in this article, leave us some details that you may need in the coming period through a comment or add a message through Al-Jameel. We will be happy in this participation // We are with you and complete you.

Every week we choose a group article in which we will talk about its official title, as well as your suggestions and questions that will be answered in a simple and quick explanation.
Start continuing the questions, we are creative in progress

Headings in the next article.

1- What do you do to work online?
2- Outcomes and conclusions from this
3- How to make a monthly profit of up to $1,000 and more
4- A simplified and explicit explanation of all the sites that will be mentioned in the article
5- Link this article from its explanation to the next article

6- Understand the methods, terms and policies of all these sites that will be mentioned
7- What are your obligations on the Internet?
8- Does impatience affect you or not?
9- Thamida for the next and the last of the articles
10- Progress and do not go back if you started and did not reach anything

11- What did you understand from this?
12- What is your ability to comprehend this thing?
13- Do you understand YouTube, social media, or also websites?
14- What do you want to achieve in a year from now?

These are questions that you must know before you start your own business on the Internet. If you need educational assistance, you should follow up, so what is next.


It is a blog that helps you understand many things that may make you money through the Internet and others.

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