Online internet speed test 2023 and how to profit from this

Each year, billions of Online internet speed test are conducted. We could donate millions to charity if just 1% of people took this speed test !

What does a broadband Online internet speed test ?

Utilise our free tool to quickly determine your broadband internet speed while raising money for a good cause. The broadband speed test from Comparitech is designed to assess download, upload, and latency (ping) on any type of broadband, including ADSL, cable, fibre, and even mobile connections like 3G and 4G LTE.

How does the test for broadband Online internet speed test ?

Online internet speed test 2023 and how to profit from this
Online internet speed test 2023 and how to profit from this

To achieve accurate results with the least amount of traffic, you are always connected to the nearest test server. To measure the connection speed, tiny temporary files called packets are downloaded and uploaded from that site to your device. Your IP address and other personally identifying information are not stored by Comparitech, however we do use cookies and analytics to determine whether a user has previously taken a test and to stop misuse. Flash is not used in the test.

The test’s findings reflect the speed of your internet connection at the time of testing, but they might not be a precise representation of your overall bandwidth or internet speeds. Turn off internet bandwidth-consuming programmes and services, as well as any other gadgets in your house or business that might be using bandwidth, to ensure more accurate findings.

Cloud servers from Amazon are used by us. Based on the location, fastest TTL, and country of the user, tests are secure and carried out from the closest cloud node. In order to prevent skewed or biassed results, we do not permit third-party network providers to serve as test hosts.

Online internet speed test for a good cause

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a non-profit organisation that promotes digital rights, receives one penny (US$0.01) for every user who conducts the broadband speed test, while Computers 4 Africa receives one cent (US$0.01) for funding computer access in underdeveloped countries on the aforementioned continent. Every year, 3 billion people use the most popular online speed test. We could donate millions of dollars to charities if we can get just one percent of those folks to use our internet speed test. Please be aware that we only make one contribution per person to prevent tool abuse.

You select a speed tier when you sign up for internet service with the assumption that you would receive speeds that are at least somewhat comparable to what you are paying for. An internet speed test is the most effective way to find out if you’re getting the most out of your internet.

It’s crucial to be aware of the potential factors affecting your speeds before beginning a speed test, especially when using a Wi-Fi connection. Your internet speed may decrease if there are any barriers, such as walls, between your router and the device you’re using.

Looking to upgrade your Online internet speed test ?

You won’t need to search for the fastest internet options because we will send them to you.

In other cases, depending on when the most people are online, your internet speed may change. Perhaps worst of all, your internet speed will suffer if your internet provider imposes data caps or throttles connections in order to maintain overall network performance.

When conducting a speed test, keep this in mind and take precautions to reduce any speed disturbances. Moving closer to the router, for instance, can aid in obtaining more accurate findings, but if at all possible, test over an Ethernet connection to get the best results. Run a few speed tests throughout the day to get a sense of how your speeds change throughout the day.

There are several free choices available, and it’s quick and simple to do an internet speed or connection test. Even the best options for internet speed tests are simple to use. Even better, you might be able to launch one from the same software you used to configure your router. A test may typically be done by just pressing “Go,” and it won’t take more than a minute or two. You may learn a lot about what is happening with your internet connection by looking at the results of the speed test.

With so many alternatives promising to do just that, which one should you trust? A good speed test will make it simple to view your current download speeds, upload speeds, and latency (or ping) on whichever device you’re running the test on.

glad you inquired. Here are the ones we choose first, along with why.

best tests for Online internet speed test

One of our favourites is the Ookla Online internet speed test, which was one of the earliest speed tests on the internet and has a solid reputation for reliability. Regardless of its popularity, we like Ookla because it has all the features a typical user would want in a speed test: accuracy, the opportunity to check your speed test history (when you create an account), a variety of servers to connect to, and even a useful app for Online internet speed test from your Android or iOS smartphone. By the way, we test Wi-Fi routers using Ookla’s speed test as well.

Ookla has done an excellent job of evolving through time by including new features and functionalities. The service most recently made available a speed test for video that evaluates your network’s capacity to handle 4K video streaming. Ookla has apps that you may use on Windows or Mac in addition to the website and the smartphone apps. Even an Apple TV may be used to conduct the Ookla speed test.

Having said that, Ookla does show banner adverts while you carry out simple speed testing. That’s not surprising, however depending on the quality of your connection at the time of the test, it can have a negligible effect on your outcomes.

The interface of, another excellent broadband test, is as clear and uncomplicated as it gets. The fact that it is owned by Netflix, nevertheless, is one of its greatest assets. The Online internet speed test is designed to determine whether your connection is good enough to stream Netflix in its highest resolution without buffering, which may initially sound strange, but it’s what makes it a perfect choice for online streamers.

While is a valuable resource for some, not all users will find it to be the most useful test. Although the basic design is simple to use, it does not have all of the sophisticated options and data that you would get with other speed tests. The biggest drawback is that you cannot select the server you want to connect to for your test.

Although none of these Online internet speed test are challenging to use, the M-Lab Internet Speed Test is most likely the one that is most accessible. The open-source M-Lab test, which stands for Measurement Lab, was created by a group of computer scientists and academic researchers with Google’s support. This test is the one that appears when you input “internet speed test” into the Google search bar. Simply click the blue “RUN SPEED TEST” button to instantly view your download speed, upload speed, and latency.

You won’t need to bookmark it or remember its specific name, so that’s about as simple as it gets. The only information exchanged with M-Lab throughout the test is your IP address, and there are no advertisements. Just be aware that the M-Lab test is only intended for internet speeds up to 700 Mbps and that you cannot choose which server you’ll use throughout the test. You should look elsewhere if you’re attempting to speed test a gigabit connection. is the way to go if you’re searching for a test that takes a look at consistency as well as speeds. The test interface does a wonderful job of displaying variations in your upload and download speeds, much like Ookla. That can eventually make it simpler to identify when there is a problem with your connection, especially since allows you to compare your findings with those from earlier testing. You may run tests on your phone using its mobile-friendly website, which is fantastic for doing so without downloading an app.

However, isn’t the ideal solution. To begin with, there isn’t a way to choose manually which server you connect to. Additionally, the visualised statistics may appear more perplexing or overpowering if home networking isn’t your strong suit than something like, which only provides you with a number.

An Online internet speed test called is totally powered by HTML5 and PHP. That means that your test can be done without the need for third-party software like Java or Flash, which could lead to more accurate results. It may therefore be used to compare the performance of various browsers. Additionally, you can open an account to monitor your internet speed for comparison or future use.

However, it’s not the tool that’s easiest to use. You’ll have a lot of material to look through with a lot of detailed data, many of which may not be pertinent to you. It takes a few clicks before you can start a test, which is obviously less convenient than other Online internet speed test that have giant “Go” buttons that appear as soon as the website loads. The design is also a touch unsightly by Online internet speed test standards.

FAQs on speed tests

How fast should my Online internet speed test be ?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stipulates that broadband connections must have upload and download rates of at least 3 Mbps and 25 Mbps, respectively, but according to the FCC’s own speed recommendations, that’s essentially the bare minimum for activities like streaming 4K video and exchanging huge files over the internet.

A number of providers, including AT&T, Comcast, Frontier, Verizon Fios, Ziply Fibre, and others are starting to offer internet plans with multigig speeds as high as 2, 3 or even 5 gigabits per second (that’s 5,000Mbps), but for the time being, those plans are overkill for the majority of residences. The Online internet speed test connection would have symmetrical upload and download rates of 100Mbps, which would be adequate for most families.

Ping, what does that mean ?

Most Online internet speed test tests will also provide you with a number called ping, which is a latency measurement measured in milliseconds, in addition to telling you the current upload and download rates for whichever device you’re running the test on. The ping number, in its simplest form, measures the amount of time it took your device to transmit a signal to whichever faraway server you connected to for the speed test and to receive a reply. Consider it as the length of a round-trip internet connection.

Ping will increase if there is some form of interference in the connection or if you are connecting to a server that is very far away. If you’re using a mesh network or range extender to connect, where your data must make many wireless leaps before reaching the modem, your ping may also increase slightly.

Ping discrepancies are typically quite small, making it impossible to detect them without performing a speed test. Having said that, if you’re trying to make split-second decisions in an online multiplayer game, you’ll start to notice excessive ping, and it can also result in annoyance delays during video calls.

Describe jitter

Similar to ping, jitter is measured in milliseconds, but instead of describing the changes in the latency of the data flowing to different client devices on your network, jitter describes the time it takes for data to travel from your device to a remote server and receive a response. When jitter levels are too high, data isn’t getting to your device as quickly as it should be, which can lead to issues like buffering during video conversations and streaming.

Can Online internet speed test help me increase the speed of my internet ?

Online internet speed test are a useful diagnostic tool and a quick way to see how your network is doing in different parts of your house, but they won’t improve the speed of your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Online internet speed test 2023 and how to profit from this
Online internet speed test 2023 and how to profit from this

Running Online internet speed test on your phone or laptop in different rooms around your home is the ideal way to use them. Consider installing a range extender in the room that is closest to the dead zone where the speeds are strongest if you find one. From there, it will rebroadcast your Wi-Fi signal and possibly Online internet speed test up things. It could be time to upgrade your router if you see several dead zones in locations where you want to connect. Consider using a mesh router, which utilises numerous devices, for the Online internet speed test coverage throughout your entire home.

It is impossible to envision a day without access to the internet unless you are living under a rock.

There won’t be any internet communication, commerce, or entertainment without it. However, having a steady and fast internet connection is also crucial.

Is the download of your favourite movie taking a long time ? Are you getting interrupted in the middle of a crucial meeting? Uncertain about the ISP’s ability to fulfil the advertised data speeds? You must check your internet speed in each of these scenarios to determine the issue.

If you do not have a seamless online experience, there may be many reasons why. Your obsolete laptop or the fact that too many people are sharing the same router could be the cause of your difficulties with internet streaming.

The Online internet speed test: What Does It Mean ?

The analysis of internet connection parameters is referred to as an Online internet speed test. In this step, a sample file is sent from the server, and the time it takes to download and upload that small file is calculated.

Moreover, certain Online internet speed test sites allow you to monitor ping. The most dependable and accurate speed tests have many host servers spread out around the globe so that one may test the speed of various areas.

You might want to check theOnline internet speed test in addition to the poor internet connection to make sure you are receiving the claimed speed from your ISP. The internet speed test also reveals whether your data is being throttled by the ISP at a specific time of day.

How Reliable Are These Online internet speed test ?

Users must use third-party programmes to test their internet speed. You might therefore question the validity of these tests. These tests typically provide you with accurate results. The accuracy, like all tests, is dependent on a number of variables.

Test results may be affected by the distance from the server, the location of the testing device, the length of the test, the use of a VPN, online activity, the number of connected devices, and internet equipment.

Using the best internet speed test tools, run multiple tests throughout the day to get a more precise understanding of your internet speed. The WiFi speed range will be revealed, letting you know what to anticipate.

Finishing Phrases

An internet speed test is useful to find out the current upload and download speeds whether you are having problems streaming, downloading, or playing online games. You have now gained knowledge of the top tools and applications for testing internet speed.

You can run a test right away the next time your internet has a problem. Check out the greatest bandwidth calculator app as well.



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