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Dark Skies by Danielle Jensen

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TW: Attempted Murder, Violence

Plot Summary:
Lydia is a scholar, but books are her downfall when she meddles in the plots of the most powerful man in the Celendor Empire. Her life in danger, she flees west to the far side of the Endless Seas and finds herself entangled in a foreign war where her burgeoning powers are sought by both sides.

Killian is Marked by the God of War, but his gifts fail him when the realm under the dominion of the Corrupter invades Mudamora. Disgraced, he swears his sword to the kingdom’s only hope: the crown princess. But the choice sees him caught up in a web of political intrigue that will put his oath – and his heart – to the test.

With Mudamora falling beneath the armies of the Corrupter, Lydia and Killian strike a bargain to save those they love most—but it is a bargain with unintended and disastrous consequences. Truths are revealed, birthrights claimed, and loyalties questioned—all while a menace deadlier and more far-reaching than they realize sweeps across the world (Goodreads, 2020).


Things I Enjoyed: I really loved how much character growth the two main characters undergo. Lydia and Killian start off as pretty selfish, but circumstances force them to re-consider their life choices and start making amends. By the end of the story you can say that they are almost completely different people, people, who, as the reader, I’ve become very fond of.

I also felt that, unlike in Dark Shores, minor characters such as Bercola, Malahi and the rest of the guard were more fleshed out thereby making me more invested in their fates.

Finally I enjoyed the battles in this book and felt that Killian made some of the best speeches I’ve read in a while. His confession to Lydia literally made me cry.

Overall Thoughts: This was a book that really surprised me. When I first picked it up I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I really found myself invested in Lydia and Killian’s story, which is set up to be one of the most epic romances I’ve read in a while. Definitely a 5 out of 5 star read and perfect for fans of romance and adventure .

Nearly all her life she had hidden alone in the library while the world passed by. Doing nothing to right the wrongs she saw but chose to ignore. She refused to go back to being that girl

In another life I’d get down on my knees and beg you to come back. Might beg you not to go in the first place