tiktok and how to profit from it 2022-2023

TikTok’s continuous investment in new ways for brands to embrace creativity and help them connect with our diverse ecosystem of creators. About it in the Google search bar, as well as people’s knowledge of it on the street, and this is the fame that I am talking about.

Why does it not work? It presents a good idea. People take advantage of it to take advantage of free time more than its practical use as a type of additional income, but recently,

people have been working on it always and constantly on dates because it gives sums Huge, through the fibers he offers, and for every gift he wishes, and for every person, an audience differs from the other, and this is distinctive in the subject.

Can you see who viewed your TikTok ?

You cannot track specific users who view your video or profile on TikTok. You can see who visited your profile in general and not videos that were ever downloaded. The things you want to know are the profit from this company. Recently, this matter happened,

and this means that the return of the advertisers is many of them who provide content and the other wants to profit only, and the most successful and profitable is the advertiser who offers different and targeted content.

This company has specifics and strict conditions that you should know and follow as much as possible because they warn twice and in the third they stop the account temporarily if you do not correct what I made a mistake then they stop the account permanently.

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How do you grow fast in TikTok 2022 ?

  • Use hashtags effectively.
  • Identify your target audience.
  • Educate your followers.
  • Post on TikTok at the right time.
  • Leverage TikTok trends.
  • Cross-promote your videos.
  • Engage with other TikTok creators.
  • Create and participate in all updates

Why do you get low views ?

When creating sensitive content, the content is very low, unlike the strong content, which appears strongly from the rest. Strong content appears from low sensitive content, which is of no value and that you do not earn any money.

You will only get warnings without stopping. At first, you may know what you are warning about and the second warning Likewise, after that, you will not get anything other than closing and taking the personal page of your followers and this is what differentiates between strong content and weak content,

which is useless. The two have the same terms and privacy, but the difference is clarified in the content and the company evaluates for this procedure, and for each action there is a distinction, for example,

if the content clarifies a certain thing or It helps to complete another piece of information for another person. This is strong content, or if the content is entertainment, but it attracts many people as followers and viewers constantly without stopping. This is valuable content and has value. But if

The content did not provide anything constantly and did not have followers and viewers waiting for those videos. This is a weak content that has no value or meaning and does not have any personal relationships to the official page that follows you and also does not make money from it,

but it is temporarily open without relying on it by the right of copyright and also the terms and privacy of the company It only asks you not to hack this item.

Secrets of Tik Tok 2022

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