Ways to Make Money Online 2023

Learn how long it will take to start seeing the additional income from a side job while make money.

Ways to Make Money Online 2023 Offline and at Home
Ways to Make Money Online 2023 Offline and at Home

You may be considering ways to generate additional money due to the pain of inflation. You can use a side hustle to put your talents and interests to use if you have the time and energy.

legitimate ways to earn money at home, online, or offline have been compiled by NerdWallet. We provide information on how long it takes to start, the minimum age required, and how quickly you may get paid for each potential side gig. Even though most individuals desire to make money quickly, don’t disregard the “slow” jobs because they could end up paying more in the long term.

Ways to Make Money Online 2023 Offline and at Home 1
Ways to Make Money Online 2023 Offline and at Home

make money online

The sweet spot that people look for in the gig economy is make money online. We’ve uncovered several good possibilities, regardless of whether your goal is to become a six-figure social media influencer or you simply want to add some online side jobs to your current income.

  • Find freelance employment online.

Use platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com to earn money online. These websites provide opportunities to work as a virtual assistant, in addition to other freelance services including writing, programming, design, marketing, and data entry. Having a second language down pat? Try websites like Gengo or Blend Express, or generate traffic to your own website. Keep track of the going rate for the type of work you provide no matter what form of freelancing you do so you know what to charge. Find out how to begin using Upwork.

  • Total time: Securing your first job may take some time.
  • Simple to start, assuming you have the knowledge.
  • The speed at which you’ll be compensated varies by site.
  • Want to know

Your profile will be approved by Upwork in 24 hours. However bear in mind that finding your first freelance job may take some time.
By site, payment varies. On Upwork, payment is made 10 days after the end of the billing period, after both you and the client have reviewed the work. When the work order is finished, Fiverr pays you, but you have to wait 14 days before you can withdraw your money.

  • Conditions

Users of Upwork and Fivver must be at least 18 years old to sell work. Moreover, users of Freelancer.com must be at least 16 years old.
Several websites demand that you be a citizen or legal resident of the United States.

  • Test apps and websites

Using websites like UserTesting.com to earn money from home is another option. You are compensated for your opinions regarding the effectiveness of particular websites and mobile applications. To get accepted, you must pass a brief test. Then, you will receive payment based on the type of test.

  • Overall time: The length of the approval process can change.
  • Setup time: under an hour.
  • How simple it is to begin: Simple if you have the necessary technology and pass a practise test.
  • Minimum age: 18 years old.
  • The payment turnaround time is seven days.

I must know

  • A sample test is normally required of you as part of the application procedure.
  • Upon the approval of your application, you will start getting testing opportunities.
  • The approval process may take a while.
  • Payment is made via PayPal seven days after a website or app test is finished.


  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • A computer, an internet connection, and a microphone are required.
  • A smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS is also required for mobile app testers.
  • There may be language restrictions on some websites.

Do assignments on Amazon Mechanical Turk

A human touch is still needed for some tasks even in the age of technology. These tasks are frequently delegated by businesses to a crowdsourcing site like Amazon Mechanical Turk. The jobs you’ll be given as a “worker” might be tiresome and can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Examples include tagging photographs, transcribing movies, and sorting receipts. Before paying you, temporary employers, or “requesters,” determine the price for each assignment and inspect the completed work. Research is important because that could leave potential for scams. You may avoid shady dealers and get an accurate estimate of how much money you can make by consulting online groups like the Turkkit and Turker Nation subreddits.

  • Depending on the task you chose, setup.
  • Starting out is simple if you have the right abilities.
  • 18 years of age or older is the minimum age.
  • How soon you’ll receive payment: Payment is made after job acceptance, which could take up to 30 days.

I must know

  • The requester has 30 days from the time you submit your work to approve it.
  • Either your bank account or an Amazon gift card can get your money.


  • The minimum age to sign up for Mechanical Turk is 18.
  • To sign up with Mechanical Turk, you also require an Amazon account.

Participate in paid surveys

Online surveys are a way to earn money from home, but don’t count on making a lot of money. Most survey sites don’t have very high payouts, and many of them are better for getting gift cards than cash. Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are two of the most well-known survey websites. Find out which survey site is right for you by reading our review of the available options.

  • It will take some time overall.
  • Several minutes for setup.
  • Extremely simple to get started. Just sign up and get started.
  • Age restriction: 13 to 18+.
  • The speed at which you’ll be compensated varies by site.

I must know

  • Setting up an Etsy shop is simple. In a few hours, it can be completed.
  • Setting a shop requires more time than expected. To be successful, you’ll need products to sell, images and descriptions to publish on social media, a name for your store, and a business plan. You’ll still need to find consumers after it is finished. You should anticipate the overall duration of this gig to be slow because, depending on what you’re selling, that could take weeks.
  • Depending on your preferred deposit schedule, payment is initially paid into your Etsy Payments account after which it is transferred to your bank account.


  • If you’re over 13 but under 18, you can sell on Etsy but would be regarded as a minor and would need to abide by additional rules.
  • You must possess the required rights to the goods sold in your store.

10 True Ways to Earn and make Money Online

Begin dropping shipping make money

Let’s begin our list with one of the most well-liked methods of online income. Dropshipping’s popularity is growing, as shown by Google Trends, underscoring its potential as a business concept. There is plenty of evidence that dropshipping is a legitimate way to generate money online, including success tales about how an entrepreneur made $6,667 in eight weeks or how a business owner made six figures selling only one product.

If you’re not familiar with dropshipping, it’s a type of business where you sell a product to a client, but the supplier stores, packages, and sends the product to the buyer on your behalf. You have access to millions of products with Shopify dropshipping, which you may include in your store. You may hand-pick your product photographs, update the item descriptions, and give your business a customised feel using several Shopify dropshipping apps, which will make customers want to purchase with you.
Ways to Make Money Online 2023 Offline and at Home 2
Ways to Make Money Online 2023 Offline and at Home

Which is the greatest method for dropshipping profit? Most business owners have been concentrating on the following marketing techniques:

  • Using Facebook ads – Enlisting influencers to advertise for brands
  • Direct messaging (DM) prospective clients on social media

Ready to open a store but lacking inventory? Online business owners can purchase goods at wholesale pricing through Handshake.

Examine print-on-demand

POD is another well-liked method of make money online. Because it has cheaper overhead than other enterprises, this business model has been embraced by many people.

In that you don’t have to keep inventory or send out packages to consumers yourself, print on demand is akin to dropshipping. However, there are two minor variations. You can first create your own unique products, which is excellent for building brand recognition. Second, you have a smaller selection of options to choose from rather than a wide range of categories. T-shirts, mugs, and tote bags are among the things that the majority of print-on-demand businesses sell.

What is the make money to profit from your print-on-demand company? free marketing resources. Your best bet would be to use social media influencers that successfully convert their audiences to customers to market your products for free on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

You can see us engage in a fruitful discussion with Wholesale Ted about the advantages and disadvantages of each business model to get a thorough understanding of print on demand versus dropshipping.

Ways to Make Money Online 2023 Offline and at Home 4
Ways to Make Money Online 2023 Offline and at Home

make money with affiliate marketing

One of the most well-liked methods of make money online is affiliate marketing. Although its popularity has fluctuated throughout the years, it is still a reliable way to make money online. The nicest thing about affiliate marketing is the variety of businesses you can choose to work with, such as Shopify, Amazon, Uber, and FabFitFun.

Via affiliate marketing, you can make money by advertising other companies’ products. If you’re a skilled marketer, you may make money by advertising software, apps, retail goods, and more. Although receiving a commission may seem insignificant, keep in mind that you can promote multiple brands as an affiliate by including their affiliate links on a single page.

The best option is to concentrate on content marketing if you truly want to earn money online through affiliate marketing. You can develop a blog into a valuable asset by adding multiple pages of excellent content. To increase traffic to your affiliate partner’s website, carefully choose which affiliate links to include in your blog entries.

start a YouTube channel to make money

You can profit from YouTube if others can. Jimmy Donaldson (also known as MrBeast), who posts odd antics on his YouTube channel and earned $54 million in 2021, is the highest-paid YouTuber. Jake Paul is another great earner who has amassed $45 million on YouTube by disseminating entertaining prank videos and boxing content. He was able to use his reputation from his boxing career and YouTube.

Build a big, devoted audience on YouTube by concentrating on a particular niche. For instance, you may make spoof videos, review things, teach skills, stream video games, make makeup lessons, or do anything else you believe would appeal to a crowd.

Making content that people want to watch is the key to making money on YouTube. Use clever titles to draw viewers to your videos, and employ keywords in your descriptions to improve your ranking on YouTube. You can start making money off of YouTube adverts once you’ve surpassed the 1,000-subscriber mark.

Become a spokesperson make money

You can make money online by developing your personal brand. Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo, a football player, often costs between $880,259 and $1 million for a sponsored Instagram post? Even smaller-scale influencers can now earn more money than they could a few years ago, despite the fact that reality stars, musicians, and athletes may appear to be the biggest influencers.

You must amass a sizable following if you want to become an influencer. Which are the most effective starting points? both TikTok and Instagram. These sites were frequently where some of the largest non-celebrity influencers got their first taste of publicity. If you want to grow your Instagram audience, you might want to look into ways to obtain more followers.

You can charge for sponsored articles, open your own online store and sell goods, include affiliate links in your bio, sell your images, sell advertisements on your own podcast, develop and sell merch, get paid to attend events, and more as an influencer to earn money.

make money Build a course online

One of the finest methods to make money online is by selling courses. If you are an authority on a subject, you can make money from your expertise by developing online courses. If you already have a following, you can offer your course through your own website in addition to Udemy. Through online courses, some businesses can make up to $5,000 per month.

Take inspiration from popular courses in your niche to produce a well-liked and profitable course. Next, read the reviews. What characteristics are people most proud of, and what are they least fond of? How can you make something that is superior to what has already been made? Concentrate on producing material that addresses the most common grievances and emulates the appealing qualities that users like.

How much make money you can make will depend on the platform where your course is sold. You won’t need to put much effort into marketing your course if you sell it on Udemy. Almost anything may be set and forgotten. Perhaps spread the word about it on some blogs or social media platforms.

make money Release an ebook

It has never been simpler to publish an ebook thanks to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. The ebook only has to be written, formatted, given a cover, published, and promoted. I published numerous ebooks on Amazon in 2013, and while this didn’t make me wealthy, I did make some money.

You have the option of hiring a writer for your ebook, a graphic designer for the cover art, and a manuscript editor to check the text for problems. Concentrate on keywords from common Amazon searches when doing your study on the subject. I frequently utilise the Keyword Tool, which enables you to discover the search terms people are using so you can create a title around them.

Concentrate on marketing strategies that have been shown to draw clients if you want to increase ebook sales. For instance, you may provide the first few complimentary copies of your book. By getting some reviews and generating buzz on social media, you can attract clients by using social proof. Influencer marketing and video campaigns are additional powerful ebook promotion techniques.

make money Create a blog

One of the earliest ways to make money online is by blogging. Individuals who enjoy writing often launch blogs with a specific audience in mind. For instance, a blog about procrastination, cars, dropshipping, toys, etc., is frequently broad enough to cover a lot of territory yet has a narrow enough emphasis to attract a devoted audience.

From Shopify (remove the checkout option, so you don’t have to pay a subscription as you build it out) to WordPress, you can start a blog on a variety of platforms. When you first launch your blog, concentrate on extremely precise keywords with a narrow emphasis and then gradually extend into additional but still pertinent areas as you gain popularity and control over new markets. This will enable you to gradually amass a sizable blog. Keep in mind that a positive initial impression on visitors can be influenced by design. Here are 20 blog design examples to get your blog off the ground.

Make money an app

If you’re not a developer, you could be looking at this business concept and feeling a little lost. The good news is that you can hire a programmer to create an app for you. You may find a lot of app developers willing to collaborate with business owners to realise their vision if you use websites like Toptal.

All you need to do is think up an original idea for an app, determine the target market, and establish your product’s brand. The programmer you hire will handle matters related to development.

make money Take up writing

More businesses are looking for writers who can fill their web properties with quality content as interest in content marketing grows. Focusing on a certain area is the key to becoming a successful writer. Many writers attempt to be generalists by writing in a variety of genres, from tech to gastronomy. But, specialising in a certain area as a writer lets you stand out and makes it simpler to draw customers from your target demographic.

A different viewpoint can be added to a piece of information when you have experience in the field. That implies that you’re not merely expressing what every other internet writer is saying.



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