Ways to Make Money Online at Home 2022


Aug 30, 2022
Ways to Make Money Online at Home

How to make money on google ads since what’s going on guys welcome back to another video in today’s video only show you exactly how you can make money online with Google ad sent and I’m really excited for this. Let me know below that I’ll do a future video on that and help you make money online. 

So in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you step by step on how you can actually start making money with Edsen’s from a complete beginner to an expert and I’ll take you through the best method. To get started and at the end of this video I actually had a method that’s gonna help you make money even faster so let’s jump into this today guys I’m super excited for Money this because we haven’t actually done content on this for a very long time I’m gonna take you through. 

How can I earn real money online?

You need to know so you can start making money with ads since today because it is one of the best beginner friendly ways to make money online so let’s get started I’ll show exactly what you need to do.

 And how does it work because it’s been around for a while but there’s still a lot of people that don’t really understand the concept and understand how much money you can actually make from this. So let me just show you what I’ve been spending on ads since on one of my accounts will go ads on. 

I’ve spent on Google ads but that’s only one of my credit cards for I have over 30 credit cards where I spend money on my own. 

Facebook ads and Google ads. So what is this even mean?

Ways to Make Money Online, Offline and at Home


How To Work With Google Adsense:

I mean I’m just spending 6000 down. I’m actually spending a lot more than that but these companies like Coca Cola and other. Huge company spending millions of dollars per year on advertising. 

So what happens is basically what I do is I will run and advert to people online which is showing up on this website right here.. Is a deal that we did for fourth of July. People are gonna click this ad and what two things happen. I basically the the the person that owns this website is going to get paid. 

Is Google AdSense free?

Google is gonna make money as well that’s how Google makes their money via advertising now use think about this for a second of I spent 6000 in 1 day and I spent 123 1000 the the day before that probably actually more not included. Credit cards. Someone is getting a piece of this pie.

And this person is going to get money when somebody clicks on these ads. So first of all before we do that I actually wanna show you an example of something real quick. So this is actually a website of mine that gets 129. A 1000 page views per month unique page views that’s not visitors but sorry about page use so what to say round about 100 1000 visitors to this website per month. 

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 clicks?

We had since calculated that will that we’ll look at in the second and this is in the finance niche. This website makes a roundabout 38 thousand per year. If I had ads on this website. Now I don’t actually have ads since ads on this website at this point of time.

 Cos I actually make more money with. Affiliate marketing and stuff like that on this website but I could potentially make a run about 40 thousand nearly if I put Google ads on this specific website per.

 To dive into.So all you need to do is go into Google and put in discover a hobby and it will show up.. And this literally hundreds of hobbies that you can choose to base your content around so let’s go performing arts if I click on performing arts there’s lots of sub categories we’ve got ballet dancing break dancing line dancing. Hold dancing. 

How much does AdSense pay per?

We’ve got Celsius Swing Tango.. To choose but if you are kind of new and you don’t really know what to do or what to go after I would recommend just going into Google and putting in best niche website ideas and you’ll actually find a lot of people who are already doing this. In there everyday business and I’ll give you really really good ideas like income school.Com they give out really good ideas on nitro websites and I do know that these guys are making seven figures per year with their ad sents websites and they give you some really really good niche ideas near. Can see that even have ads on their website.

Can Google AdSense make you rich?

Niche into this Uber suggest tool it’s free to use and what it does is it actually gives you keyword ideas so for example we have the woodworking projects and it’s got like woodworking projects for beginners would work in projects small woodworking. 

Projects to sell but you’ll notice on the right here it says SEO difficulty is yellow. Basketball drills you’ll see that the keyword difficulty is all green. For this specific BB specific keywords then it is for these keywords here that are medium to hardy. 

What’s next is you wanna actually target keywords that are that have a CPC cost per click. If there’s no cost per click and.  

But anyway, this is what you wanna be looking for is you wanna be looking for the greens? And you wanna be looking for for keywords that you can make really good content out of.

 Okay.. And to do that you can use Uber suggest just like I’ve showed you hats completely free to use and you just wanna go through and you wanna kind of just just like basically the best thing I I can tell you about the research I can’t tell you exactly what to what to. Go and tag it. But do something you enjoy. We had some sort of interest in. Even if it’s a little bit hard to rank for. Do it because it’s much more enjoyable for you. 

How does Google Adsense Works :

The next step is simple. You want to start a simple. About 2 to 3 dollars per month.  One is called skimmer which is completely free for you to use. However, this one from income school will cost you a little bit of money but this is specifically designed for ad since websites. 

So you can go and check them out as well as go and put income school acabato into Google and it will sharpen you can go and use that particular theme now the next thing is you the content is actually one of the most important things because if you miss this up it’s.

 Your your content’s just not going to rank as simple as that. Okay? 

 You basically wanna have one at 1200 to 2000 words long.. Under 1200 words long and we’ve very really do an article that’s over 2000 for these little mini ads since websites has to be easy to read informative content teach people on the site this is extremely im

portant it gets. People scrolling.

 This is another very, very important one. The more people scroll, the better signals it gets to Google. In fact, we’ve ranked websites just of these factors alone.. If you don’t get this right. People some information on it. But then we actually give them what they want. The prices we give them everything they need that we we basically will I give them what what they I say where does my team did this but I give them everything they were looking for. They were looking for an. Information on Vegas. So to sign up to Google all you wanna do is put in Google AdSense.

How To Earn Money Online:

Now this website we’re easily gonna be getting it to that because we’ve only done seven articles and we’re already at 50 visits per day. And this is gonna keep growing even with those 50 articles. But we’re just gonna keep putting articles and keep putting articles. On and we easily going to get this website to 6000 per year. So you can you can go in and you can just put in your the country. Just put it North America. 

You can put in the category that you plan to do it in. Really going to give you an estimation of what you’d make per year of this specific views. Now, when it comes to content, the titles are very important and the topics. This is what’s really working right now. So, basically, I put woodworking projects into that Uber suggest. Oh,. 

Okay I’m not I’m not really gonna go through that right here because basically you need to come up with your own ideas but I’m gonna show you an example of what I did okay just so you can see so DIY woodwork projects easy woodwork projects cool woodwork projects. Wood laid projects and bansor projects now. These are articles, okay? Every single one of these article ideas and I do thousands of these. So, what I do is I do what we call a volume game. More is better.

 I have some websites that have 300 for a 500.. Articles. But basically. Or after work 19 nine unique and cool woodwork projects seven dangerous wood laid projects I would not attempt. He’s got his keyword would laid projects but he’s also got beginners as well so it’ll show up in Google for that type of stuff and also leave a video blonde how he can optimize your website. Drills that are perfect for beginners in 2028 intense. Titles that are actually going to get clicks. I do wanna actually show you something real quick and you might notice on this website, it says, media vine. 

How Adsense Work:

Is Google Adsense but it’s through a publisher. And you can actually sign up. We need 25 1000 visits per month I think. You can actually sign up to one like this. So if you’ve actually gone to these websites and you’ve seen something like media vain or there’s another one’s called Thrive Ed.. That’s what they are.

 They’re separate publishers but they still are actually running Google Adsense. But the most important part is to choose a niche that you enjoy. You choose a niche that is easy to rank for. Now this isn’t. 100% accurate. Now, what I do wanna actually stress is that a lot of people are gonna say, oh Franklin, you need to, you need to worry about what’s in the top 10.

 So, for example, if we take one of my keywords here. Kind of content. So, basketball shooting drills. They’re like, hey, you need to make, you need to we’ll just go here. 

We don’t need the sheet anymore.. Put that keyword into Google we scroll straight to the bottom you’ve also got other keyword ideas for your articles we’ve got shooting drills for soccer basketball shooting drills at home that’s a perfect one basketball shooting drills at home for earning money but what’s more. Important there’s a lot of people going to look at the front page and then I say oh I can’t rank out rank this website.

 And what I’m trying to do is go for volume volume. Sick. Like I said, we went from oh to 50 a day within 12345 months. So we only wrote seven articles at the beginning. If we had a. Just keep writing content and don’t worry so much about what’s on the front page for earning money Okay.

Ways to Make Money Online, Offline and at Home

How To Start Online:

 Obviously, if it’s really, really, really difficult and is like Huffington Post in Forbes and all that sort of stuff in the front page. To me, difficult to outrank them. But I could. I reckon I could easily get my website on the front page of this. If we go to basketball shooting drills at home. But this one probably I could and then it’s got Pinterest which is another good sign because you could easily outrank Pinterest for earning money. 

This this not you know there’s nothing actually there so in my opinion. Traffic boost. So, when you first start your website, there’s one thing was a couple of things. It was one thing you can do. It’s gonna give you an initial boost in traffic. It is also good for Google. Go, you create back links and things like that. 

Is go to Pinterest, start a. Pinterest page based on your specific niche and start posting content just like this and linking back to your website what this is going to do is first of all it’s gonna send traffic and it’s gonna it’s like an initial traffic boost that gives Google good signal. 

But more importantly it actually creates what we call a backlink as well so if I click on this one here and I click on the link here it links back to the website and it creates what we call a back link plus they get traffic so it’s like an initial book. And gives Google good signals. Okay? 

This is a great way to go and start to boost your traffic to your adsence for earning money . 

Start a YouTube channel. So, for example, this YouTube channel makes 300 around about per day. This is the quickest way to get Edsen’s revenue quickly. If you don’t wanna build a website. So, those are the. 

Start and add since website. 

I will leave some free videos on the right that will take you through step by step for earning money , some other methods to make money online, and I also link all of the free videos that I mentioned in this video, in the description, don’t forget to.

How To Create A Money Plan To Make More Money in 2022.


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