Good day! I’m walid, and even after working as a professional photographer and designer for years, I continue to be in awe of some of Photoshop’s capabilities. Also, it improves yearly thanks to the upgrades that are part of the subscription.

If you’ve spent any time on, you have a good understanding of all the incredible things Photoshop is capable of. But let me tell you, you’ve just begun to scrape the surface.

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy both exploring all that Photoshop has to offer and using it creatively. What if you could make money off of your passion? Is Photoshop a tool that may be used to earn money ?

I’ve got a list for you, so grab your favourite beverage and relax. There are so many ways to monetize Photoshop that are available. We’ll go over a lot of them here, and hopefully one or more of them will catch your attention.


Let’s start now !

Photoshop lessons

Start with a solution I am confident will work. Visit and you’ll find a number of articles with my name on them. Since I started creating Photoshop tutorials more than a year ago, I’ve earned a respectable living.

I’m not the only one, either. Browse YouTube or Google in addition to the other writers on our site. You’ll see that a lot of people are having great success helping others learn how to use Photoshop.

But isn’t the market already full? You may inquire.

Yes, there are already a lot of instructors, but Photoshop is always evolving. To keep up, beginners require constant access to fresh or updated articles and videos.

Each learns a little bit differently, too. Some folks who might not like any of the other options will find your explanation style appealing.


A statement’s tone can be significantly altered by the font used to write it. Consider the following as an illustration. The second one is considerably more professional; the first one comes off as adorable and whimsical.

Making or modifying fonts is possible in a variety of ways. Photoshop may be used to create new typefaces, or you can draw them on paper and scan them for the finishing touches. You can then sell them online to anyone looking for particular new typefaces.

Photographic Effects

Photoshop is entertaining, but nobody enjoys performing the same chores repeatedly. It is such a time waster and dull activity.

Photoshop enables us to record our actions and apply them to other photos because of this. Anything you do that involves multiple steps can be recorded. After that, you may execute those actions on additional photographs without having to perform each individual step by hand.

There’s a good chance that other individuals would value the behaviours you’ve developed for yourself. On websites like Creative Market or FilterGrade, you may later sell them.

You may also want to read the following if you want to understand how to make or use actions :

Restorations of photos

Do you enjoy the task of putting a disassembled vintage photograph back together? Many people would enjoy a photo restoration service that could repair their priceless photographs that have been harmed by the passage of time.

Old images must also be restored for museums, historical societies, and other similar organisations constantly. These locations offer a lot of steady work.

Internet Themes

Did you know that Photoshop allows you to create website themes ?

The number of websites added to the Internet each day is over 252,000, and many of those website owners have no understanding how to create a website. So they invest on a website theme.

Photoshop may be used to design website themes. You’ll also need to know how to convert them into code so you can sell them as a theme. If you lack the necessary expertise to complete this portion of the project, you might always hire a freelancer to assist you.


Christmas Cards

You might think that people no longer purchase greeting cards. You would be wrong, though. However, between $7 and $8 billion is spent annually on greeting cards by Americans alone. They also constantly crave new designs.

Why not incorporate short, pithy sentences or poems with your digital art if you enjoy coming up with them

You can either sell the designs to a reputable greeting card manufacturer or sell greeting cards online through marketplaces like Etsy.

Plans for a POD

This requires a lot of work outside of Photoshop, but if done well, it may be a successful source of money. Print on Demand is referred to as POD. There are businesses that will print your designs or artwork on a huge variety of items, including t-shirts, shoes, pillows, mugs, and much more.

You can create your own eCommerce business or list your things on Etsy. The POD company then prints the goods and sends it to the clients after someone purchases it.

Once things get going, you might be able to make a sizable amount of money, but getting things going requires a lot of work.

This project is still in its early stages for me.

Mock-Up Pictures

As you start dabbling in POD, you’ll see how important high-quality mockup photos are. These are pictures of products in settings that can be used to advertise eCommerce products.

The photos are created in a way that allows the user to apply a fresh design to the item and reuse the same image to advertise various products. These pictures can be made and then set up in Photoshop so that people can use them as mockups. The mockups can then be sold on Etsy.

Stock Photos

An other choice is to produce stock photos. Even though I’ve experimented with it, I’ve only ever made a few hundred bucks. Depending on the type of licence the consumer purchases, most sites like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock only pay the photographer a few cents or a few dollars.

I do not, however, research the needs for stock pictures and modify my images to meet those needs. You might be able to create a reliable passive revenue stream if you did so and began selling in large quantities.

Those who sell stock photographs have been reported to make tens of thousands of dollars annually. To get there, though, you’ll have to invest in the time to upload and keyword tens of thousands of photographs.

Graphics for Social Media

On social media, millions of small company owners are attempting to engage with their customers. Many of them struggle to create consistent streams of entertaining content for their fans, which frustrates them.

They consequently purchase pre-made or editable social media visuals, memes, or designs. Companies won’t have to spend hours on their social media efforts because they can rapidly customise these and post them to their accounts.

These designs can be made in Photoshop and sold on a website like Etsy or Creative Market.

Logo Design

All of those small business owners are seeking distinctive logos as well. You can offer your skills by creating logos to distinguish their brands from the competition.

Bonus: Simple upsells include social media graphics, mockups, ad designs, and other services.

Paper Templates

Because templates make work easier, people adore them. Making an email, résumé, magazine, ebook, or invitation using a preset template is lot quicker.

However, not everyone possesses the skills necessary to create stunning, polished documents. Though you do! And you can sell those creations through your own store or on online auction sites.

Profiting from Photoshop



Have you kept up ? Are you now mulling over all the alternatives in your head? There is a huge need for design and photography. You can make a nice living doing what you love if you can find your own tiny piece of real estate.

What if Photoshop isn’t quite where you want it to be yet? On, we have a tonne of lessons to assist you in honing your talents. Do you, for instance, know how to create a watercolour painting from a photograph? Click here to see how !



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