21 Inspiring Instagram stories Ideas To Boost Engagement & Views 2023

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Do you need Inspiring Instagram stories ? Want some motivation ?

Instagram has a lot of rivals. You must be at the top of your game and rule the algorithm if you want to increase your audience. That implies some top-notch Instagram tale concepts.

We’ve included 20+ inspiring Instagram story ideas in this post that you can use to boost views and interaction.

Let’s get going.

What distinguishes Inspiring Instagram stories from Instagram Reels ?

It would be a good idea to distinguish between Inspiring Instagram stories and Instagram Reels because there are still some Instagram users who are unable to do so.

The availability of the two is the main distinction.

Instagram Stories can only be accessed for a single day. These comments will be automatically removed after a day. An Instagram story can only be saved if it is saved as a highlight. The maximum duration of an Instagram Story is 15 seconds. Instagram’s response to Snapchat is Instagram Stories.

Reels on Instagram are posts that will remain in your feed. Additionally, all of your uploaded reels are accessible to people in a section of your profile. Instagram Stories can last for up to 60 seconds. Instagram Reels is the app’s TikTok rival.

That’s basically it. It depends on your preference which one you should use. Though most businesses concentrate more on reels. However, there is no reason at all why you couldn’t do both.

The focus of this article will be on Instagram story concepts.

21 Inspiring Instagram stories Ideas To Boost Engagement & Views 2023
21 Inspiring Instagram stories Ideas To Boost Engagement & Views 2023

How to add interest to Inspiring Instagram stories

How can you engage your followers in engaging and entertaining Inspiring Instagram stories ? Here are a few Instagram story ideas that can make your followers eagerly anticipate each new post you publish.

You should layer your background.

Add more features to your plain narrative background to spice it up. For instance, including text on your background could add interest to your postings. If you did that, your background would change into a text wall that might go along with your main image or video.

The similar impact may also be felt from logos. Alternatively, anything that can help your brand will work.

In the image or video itself or through Instagram as you publish your Instagram story, you can add layers to your background.

To help users understand the history of its brand, Intel uses various shapes as its background. It not only adds interest to the surroundings but also gives the plot a sensible retro feel.

Make a boomerang video

Boomerang has been in existence for some time. Some people still find it appealing, despite what some people may believe. This is particularly true if the impact is applied appropriately.

For those who are unfamiliar, Instagram’s Boomerang feature allows users to shoot looping movies. It was once a stand-alone application. However, users may now easily access it through Instagram. You should have the option to upload the video as a Boomerang post when you publish a story.

Every now and then, publish a Boomerang post to test how your audience will respond.

In some of its Inspiring Instagram stories, Amazon still makes use of the Boomerang tool.

Showcase a user’s Instagram story about your business.

It’s not always necessary for you to share your own Inspiring Instagram stories. Instagram photos from your followers can be used if they relate to your brand. Are your clients sharing material that includes your goods ? Do they provide favourable reviews ?

They’re all Instagram-worthy tales. To let things go to waste would be regrettable.

It’s one approach to express gratitude to your clients for their patronage. It is highly advised to obtain consent before reporting their content in order to avoid any problems.

Patagonia employs real-world video of actual customers utilising its goods in challenging circumstances. It does an excellent job of showcasing how superior its products are.

To stand out, use the backdrop colour.

Not everyone will pay attention to the Inspiring Instagram stories background colours. However, they do have an impact. Background hues can evoke a certain feeling and give your story the much-needed pop it needs to stand out.

Colours can also be used to create your branding. Use hues that are as near as feasible to those in your brand. Don’t use the background colour that is set as default the next time you create Inspiring Instagram stories. Try out a few different background colours to discover which ones suit you the best.

Alternately, you might adopt Starbucks’ strategy for Inspiring Instagram stories backdrops. It makes use of a variety of background elements to introduce various colours that further highlight the narrative.

Customers or models are used to showcase products.

To emphasise all of your goods or services, you might stage a picture or video session with models and customers. You can use these elements for your Inspiring Instagram stories after that.

The advantage of IG stories is that unlike content you’d use for an ad campaign, photographs and videos don’t need to seem as polished. Only your phone will do for taking pictures and movies. Make a few changes, then immediately upload them.

What happens if you can’t access clients or models ? No issue. You might invite your staff to serve as your models. Additionally, you can serve as your own model and have them capture your pictures or films if they’re camera-shy.

Waffle House recorded footage of its staff members at work and utilised it for its Inspiring Instagram stories. It didn’t need any expensive machinery either. With the aid of your staff, you may implement a similar plan for your own business. You might be able to record your clients on video if you get their consent.

Use multiple fonts

Inspiring Instagram stories that make use of multiple fonts are rather prevalent. It’s a method of graphic design that emphasises text. Additionally, it can make a significant portion of content easier to read.

It’s an excellent approach for people who aren’t designers to create captivating stories. After all, changing the font doesn’t require any prior knowledge of graphic design. Additionally, a text-only Instagram story is possible. For people who don’t have the time to take images and videos, this is a terrific Instagram story concept.

Change the font’s colour

And why not try using different font colours instead, if you don’t believe utilising more than one typeface will suffice ?

You are not required to only use black or white font. There are numerous colours available. You can continue using your company’s colours. Alternately, use hues that complement your image or video. Really, it’s up to you.

Drop shadows are a different approach to add font colours to your text.

Add several photos to your narrative.

To add extra intrigue, make your Instagram story into a collage. A feature integrated into Instagram allows users to include several photographs in a single story. That implies that making a collage doesn’t require the usage of outside graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop.

You posted a collage, but why ?

Then again, you may utilise a collage to emphasise several products at once. You can also upload pictures from an occasion. Alternately, you may use your collage to highlight recent clients who have purchased your goods.

Send out notifications via Inspiring Instagram stories

Inspiring Instagram stories are also useful for making announcements. Users have a sense of urgency because IG stories are only available for 24 hours. So your followers will be more motivated to act if you advertise, for example, a one-day discount.

Not only that. Use stories as gentle reminders if you had advertised future events days or weeks in advance. People won’t forget your upcoming event if you do it this way.

Are you closing your physical store early ? Phone lines are they down? Through IG stories, you can also announce important information.

Gigabyte advertises future events through its stories. There is no reason why you cannot apply the same strategy to your company.

Choose an appropriate sticker for your Instagram story.

Instagram stickers don’t seem to accomplish too much. But because they add humour and individuality to every post, people really adore using them. Additionally, using stickers is not prohibited just because you have an Instagram Business account.

There are interactive stickers. This implies that you can provide your Inspiring Instagram stories extra features. It also implies that you can utilise your stickers in inventive ways. They can even be used to engage your community in conversation and encourage people to participate with your Instagram photos.

Utilise Instagram stories to run a poll.

Instagram polls are yet another tool you can use to engage your fans. There is no need for elaborate polls. In fact, you want to make them as straightforward as you can. You may, for instance, conduct a survey among your followers to find out which product colour they like or what features they would like to see added.

People are more likely to answer poll questions because the results are already known. The reverse outcome will occur if consumers must input their responses.

Simple polls are posted by Vespa on Instagram stories for its followers. It is the epitome of how straightforward polls may be. Nothing extremely difficult is required.

start the countdown

Do you know why it’s a good idea to have a countdown ? because it provides a justification for posting every day. And creating them is so simple. The template for most countdowns is the same. As the time for the event you are counting down to approaches, you merely need to change the numbers.

A countdown might be used for a business event. However, holiday countdowns are a terrific concept as well.

As of this writing, Samsung has a countdown on its Inspiring Instagram stories. And if you have a reason to rejoice in the coming days or weeks, you ought to follow suit.

Take a test

Do you want to create an Inspiring Instagram stories that is genuinely interactive for your followers? What about creating a test then ?

Anything could be the topic of a quiz. You might make a test about a new release or product. You can make quizzes based on your articles if your company routinely publishes them. Anything that you believe would amuse your audience will do.

It’s not necessary to pose challenging queries. Additionally, it would be best to offer a few choices so that your audience won’t have to consider the response for too long.

Using a quiz sticker, businesses may make quizzes for IG stories.

Quizzes are used by even major brands to engage their audience. Nike doesn’t just engage fans with quizzes.

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Let your clients know how much you value their business.

Thank-you postings are among the top Instagram story concepts. Use Instagram to express gratitude to your fans for their support. When your business reaches important milestones, come up with stories that will show your appreciation to others.

You could use words or images to communicate your point. The best choice, though, might be to post a video. Create a template for an Instagram story for such a situation. To assist make each post more enjoyable to look at, include a cute sticker.

Alternately, use it the other way.

Customers can tell you what they like best about your brand. You can then upload their responses as Inspiring Instagram stories.

Inspiring Instagram stories may be used to share deals and freebies.

Do you have any idea what types of Instagram story concepts your followers will enjoy ? the kind that entitles them to special offers. You must provide promo codes if you want to encourage people to follow you on social media.

Yes, you may publish a coupon code on Instagram using a story. Additionally, it’s helpful for disseminating information like links to giveaways or contests. All of it would be much appreciated by your fans. Additionally, it can result in a rise in sales.

Consider what McDonald’s is carrying out. It has a clever idea of providing free wallpapers to its followers via Inspiring Instagram stories.

Post motivational Instagram tips or tales.

A strong inspiring message is unfailing. You can spice up your posts by sharing a motivational Instagram story. Who would want their feeds to only contain product updates ?

When you share something motivational on Instagram, it gives your regular updates a break. The days when nothing is happening are also ideal days to read inspirational quotes. Just in case you run out of Instagram story ideas, have a few phrases prepared.

Additionally, you can offer advice to your community, particularly if your company is a thought leader in your field. CVS Pharmacy uses Instagram stories in this manner. For offering advice, it even includes Instagram story templates.

Send out images and details of your newest products.

Your greatest product images and videos should be shared on Inspiring Instagram stories. These are an excellent way to use Inspiring Instagram stories since they give you the freedom to be as creative as you like.

The fact that taking product images is enjoyable is one of the best aspects about sharing them. And with careful planning, you can create a month’s worth of Instagram story content in a few hours. You have the option of working alone or in a group. You might even enlist the assistance of coworkers or friends for the shoot. Additionally, if necessary, you can upload numerous pictures.

Additionally, just mentioning a new product feature in your most recent blog post is insufficient.

Give customers a preview of upcoming products.

To get your customers excited about the future of your company, give them a sneak peek. People follow you on social media to learn about upcoming projects. And to whet your fans’ hunger, use the highlights from your Instagram stories.

Posting news about the project you’re working on will generate buzz. If you are unable to provide particular information at this time, even a general hint will do. But if that’s the case, try spreading out your stories.

And don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Sneak glances need not be sombre. Find a humorous approach to communicate your plans.

Display customer testimonials for your followers.

You need Instagram story ideas to pique people’s interest in your goods. An excellent source of Instagram stories is user-generated content. Include any video testimonials or Instagram posts that customers have made praising your company in your tales.

Furthermore, you don’t have to limit yourself to reviews. As long as the user-generated content is related to your brand, you are allowed to share funny pictures. Examine your followers’ social media posts to see if you can find anything useful.

If a customer is writing a review, they will frequently tag the company. Keep an eye out for potential Instagram stories content at all times.

Exchange recipes

If you work in the food industry, you can share recipes with your followers on Inspiring Instagram stories. Your social media content calendar will benefit greatly from even one recipe posted each week. Additionally, it’s a pleasant approach to spread concepts for using your product in family dinner preparation.

You might even consider soliciting creative input from your followers. What types of recipes would they like to see in your stories? Want they foods that are simple to prepare? Or do they want to find dishes that they can prepare quickly? Do they seek recipes that would enable them to save the most money?

The recipes that Campbell’s has added to its Instagram stories are fantastic.

instruct your audience

Inspiring Instagram stories can be used to instruct your followers. Anything can serve as a lesson as long as it relates to your brand. However, since Instagram users will only interact with stories for a brief period of time, it is important to keep things straightforward.

Every now and again, Ikea releases a few of these kinds of articles. It tells the tale of how product engineers develop food container designs, for instance.


21 Inspiring Instagram stories Ideas To Boost Engagement & Views 2023
21 Inspiring Instagram stories Ideas To Boost Engagement & Views 2023

There are many strategies to make your Inspiring Instagram stories more interesting. Everything will depend on your company’s objectives and the way you want to profit from the platform.

Instagram stories are fantastic because they give you the freedom to be as creative as you like. Make sure you capitalise on that fully. Feel free to play around with various looks.

And unlike typical Instagram posts, you can always change your stories if they aren’t receiving the level of engagement you were hoping for.

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