online money making 2023 and profit from the Internet

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There is a tonne of misinformation regarding how to online money making. I read it all as well when I first started operating Roostervane.

Spend $5 each hour taking internet surveys.

“Join an affiliate programme to earn $0.10 per thousand clicks.”

Since there is so much garbage out there, it can be difficult for people to tell what is true and what is untrue. I will thus discuss what I have discovered about earning money online in this essay.

I do online money making, yes. You could even say that I only earn money online. However, I don’t waste my time completing questionnaires.

I’m going to tell you the unvarnished reality about making money online in this article and explain why the majority of people aren’t successful with the typical “make money online” methods. Additionally, I want to share with you 10 honest and practical ideas to generate money online in 2018. In fact, I want my plan to amass wealth to legitimately include producing money online. Real money is also required. not coins.

Let’s begin …..

How do I get paid online money making ?

online money making 2023 and profit from the Internet
online money making 2023 and profit from the Internet

Take a Job

Advisory work or freelance work

Develop a Community



Online Programmes

Amazon Flipping and Dropshipping

Produce Merch

Publish an ebook

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10 legitimate internet income options ( online money making )

What follows will provide you with practical suggestions for online money making. Real money, not pocket change, is needed. I won’t advise you to work as a Mechanical Turk or take surveys for pay because those activities are awful and take advantage of people.

So allow me to share some ideas with you that I think will be successful. I’ve used a lot of these personally.

Find work ( online money making )

Oh no, I already began here. But let’s face it, a lot of fantastic occupations are now distant. I have collaborated for months with people I have never met in person. That counts as internet work, in my opinion.

What do you want to get out of online money making ? Most people would say freedom. I’ve experienced what it’s like to spend each day tethered to a desk. I desired the freedom to pursue a career while exploring the world, living abroad, and trying new things. It was quite difficult to get a job that allowed you to have this five years ago. Numerous businesses now employ remote workers. Some will even permit you to work remotely.

Determining whether a job could provide you some independence and wealth online is therefore worthwhile. In your leisure time, you can always construct other things.

Freelancing plus consulting

You may decide to get into consulting or freelancing if you don’t want a job or if you need more flexibility. One fantastic benefit of consulting or freelancing is that you frequently make a lot more money. Potentially, you may earn two or three times as much per hour as you would as an employee. But you do need a little entrepreneurial spirit. For some people, that can be a bad thing, while for others, it might be wonderful.

Depends likely on your personality. However, it may really be very simple to get started and acquire clients thanks to platforms like Upwork.

start a neighbourhood

Starting a community is one of the internet enterprises that is expanding quickly and, based on my predictions, will soar in the upcoming years. Online groups are one approach to find the connection that people seek.

I fully support community as the most important business in the upcoming years because of this. Consider a Discord or Facebook community where membership is paid for. It’s enormous.

Communities for entrepreneurs, amateurs, or pretty much anything else that can bring people together could qualify.

Even a group of 40 people who each pay a $40 membership fee would generate $1600, which is a reasonable side business. If you expand it to 100 employees, you will be earning what many individuals do in a full-time work. Additionally, you can start paid courses and charge for events inside a community.

I use Mighty Networks, the industry’s top community engine, to construct my communities. It’s fantastic for building community, but you can also make and sell live events, mastermind groups, courses, and a tonne of other things. You are not even need to enter a credit card to try it.

It appears as follows :-

Try Mighty Networks for 14 days without cost


Since blogging altered my life, I feel compelled to include it here.

I’ve already stated that I don’t rely on this for my primary source of income, but I should add a qualification.

I don’t rely on affiliate sales and ads to generate a full-time income.

Therefore, I won’t promise that starting a blog tomorrow would result in you earning a full-time passive income within six months to a year. That’d be foolish. Learning how to blog and increasing your readership takes time.

However, in my experience, blogging offers you a lot more benefits than only the ability to earn money through ads or affiliate marketing. Blogging has helped me become recognised as a thinking leader. It has resulted in book sales, speeches, and consulting opportunities.

All things considered, I’ve earned a tonne of money from blogging.

Thus, I continue to think that blogging is a reliable method of earning money online. However, you must genuinely improve. To attract visitors to your website and build an attention-grabbing machine, learn content strategy and SEO.

Try the web host that I used to launch Roostervane, Bluehost.


Are you interested in learning why I like blogging over social media? For the same reason, I like YouTube over IGTV and TikTok.

the element of a search engine.

This blog receives 10,000 weekly visitors from search engines. not from a social network.

So, for the same reason, I picked YouTube to start making videos. It also works. Even though my channel isn’t very popular, it often receives views for videos that are months old. That’s why I adore YouTube. And why I believe it can serve as a suitable transition to online money making.

The catch is that you must figure out a means to monetize if you’re going all in on YouTube. Although it’s acceptable to monetize with advertising, you won’t make much money. ideally, for a while. Making an offer that is compatible with YouTube is definitely the best course of action. sell products. Make a community or course. Find a revenue stream.

Create a course online money making

It is a tried-and-true method of online money making. However, you might design an online course. Since there are so many online courses available, it’s become harder to promote and sell your own. But it’s still feasible to make substantial money off of one given the audience of people who are aware of and take online courses, which is constantly expanding.

Your target market and price point will be crucial, in my opinion :-

Consider yourself unlikely to sell 100,000. If so, fantastic! However, set the pricing so that, even if just 50 are sold, you’ll still be satisfied.

narrow your focus to a single end user. There are definitely not as many “start a business” courses as there are “start an Amazon store as a single mum with kids at home” courses. You’ll probably succeed better if you can identify these important niche markets.

Determining whether you want to host your course yourself or offer it on a marketplace is another important decision.

Curriculum Marketplace

A marketplace already has a user base of people; you create your course, and they can purchase it. Both Udemy and Skillshare are well-liked options, however based on its business model, I believe Udemy is slightly more advantageous for monetizing as a producer.

Use Udemy.

Course Hosting Platform

An online course hosting platform is an alternative to a marketplace. Nobody will choose to enrol in your competitor’s course over their own, therefore you must bring your own pupils. You can use Teachable as a decent course platform that provides this.

Since Mighty Networks is a fantastic platform that enables you to combine courses and community together, I’m also mentioning it here. In fact, I believe it to be the best of everything.

Although it’s not entirely dissimilar from dropshipping, you might print merchandise if you have a blog, YouTube channel, or other form of audience. Again, you are not required to carry out the task personally. Many businesses will print your merchandise for you, whether it be stickers, hats, shirts, or other items.

Although it’s likely that you must first develop a following, there are websites that will take care of everything for you, so you could just launch a website selling amusing t-shirts or anything similar.

Publish an ebook

A fantastic strategy to online money making is to write an eBook and host it on Amazon. Seriously. I completed it. And it constantly generates passive income of between $100 and $200 per month. I know what you’re thinking right about now: “That’s not much!” Also, it isn’t!

But do you see any book advertisements elsewhere on this website when you browse? (Okay, you’ll see it a few of times.) The truth is that I spent hardly no time advertising it; I only wrote it and promptly forgot about it. And it continues to be discovered and purchased on Amazon.

What would you be able to make if you solely focused on writing for profit ? What if your efforts were directed towards book promotion ?

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6 online earning realities

If you’re still with me, I’ll tell you a few more things regarding online income that I wish I’d known before I let you go. Here are a few lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way.

The exceptions are the triumphs.

Start right here. The majority of methods for online money making that are discussed are legitimate. BUT hardly anyone is successful in any of them. There are far more individuals dreaming than there are online money making if you are looking at profiting from any of the outdated or influencer models, however I’ll discuss some better ones below.

There are several causes for this, but the most obvious one is that many of these techniques make it quite difficult to produce money.

People are unaware of how long something takes.

I gain revenue from this website. I do other things to make up the difference because it’s still not a full-time income. And I have been working on this for at least three years, 20 to 60 hours a week, on and off.

Are you ready to invest that much time for free if you were considering starting a blog or a YouTube channel? Most individuals aren’t. The majority of individuals will begin, work at it for a few weeks, and then give up if they don’t see immediate results.

Are you seeking for ways to supplement your income or do you have aspirations of starting your own business ?

There are more opportunities than ever before to online money making as modern technology develops right before our eyes. There are tools to help, whether you’re making a business out of your passion, creating items to sell to your TikTok fans, or selling your worn clothing on a local marketplace website.

If you don’t already have a plan in mind, this list will give you suggestions for online money making regardless of your degree of expertise. Explore the following 30 original ways to get money, which range from simple side jobs to complex business strategies.

hawk digital goods

Selling digital goods is a terrific method to online money making with little continuing work or expense. These items can be given digitally, in forms like PDF or via log-in access to a site, and include manuals, ebooks, templates, music samples, blueprints, printables, and lessons. For artists who want to sell music or art online, this is a terrific choice.

Dietary guidelines and recipes are another type of digital information. Through Instagram, food blogger Lauren Fit Foodie sells this content to her followers.

Startup time: It takes a few hours for the asset to get live online after it has been developed.

Level of effort: Medium to high, depending on the goods and the capacity to expand a clientele. Low maintenance effort.

Time until first payment: On most platforms, you should anticipate waiting five days or more after selling a goods before receiving money.

Things to know

There is no cap on the number of times you can sell the same asset because digital goods are scalable.
Make careful to speak with a lawyer or learn about licencing rules if you want to licence your goods or utilise licenced resources.

Requirements :-

a platform for online commerce.
a Shopify App Store app for digital delivery.

Blog monetization

Did you know that, even though many companies utilise blogs to promote their goods, you may online money making just by running a blog ? A blog can be made profitable in a variety of ways, such as by selling adverts, utilising affiliate links, creating sponsored pieces in collaboration with brands, or charging readers for merch or customised goods.

Starting up takes some time.

Starting out with a moderate amount of effort, it will require significant effort to maintain.

Depending on how you are monetizing your blog, the time until your first payment varies.

Things to know

Although blogging might be a low-risk business venture, results may not be seen right away.
Read about further blog monetization strategies and use SEO tactics to increase organic visitors.

Requirements :-

a tool for blogging.
A topic where you can offer readers value and bring a distinct perspective is a hobby or talent you want to write about.

Sell consultancy or services

Although selling actual goods online may be the first that comes to mind most frequently, you can also sell intangible items. Think about offering online personal shopping, home design consultations, or one-on-one personal training as virtual services. Create your own e-commerce site and search the Shopify App Store for an app that connects with live chat and appointment booking.

Setting up your website will take several hours.

Hard effort required. Developing your clientele, rendering services, and maintaining your website will all take continual work.

Time until first payment: On most platforms, you should anticipate a five-day wait after selling a service before receiving money.

Things to know

Your friends are online reviews and endorsements. Request reviews from satisfied customers, then post them on your website.
Requirements :-

an online store or website.
proficiency in a certain area.

online money making FAQ

online money making 2023 and profit from the Internet
online money making 2023 and profit from the Internet

Does online money making require special knowledge or experience ?

No, you don’t need any expertise or abilities to begin online money making. Taking market research surveys, selling your old goods on marketplaces, or trying gig work are some of the easiest methods to get started. An internet connection is all that is required. Start using Shopify.

How can a newbie online money making ?

For beginners, there are numerous online income opportunities. By completing surveys, signing up as a brand affiliate, providing transcribing services, working as an online tutor, or selling print-on-demand goods, you can make money in your spare time. Start using Shopify.

How can I earn $100 each day working online ?

There are several ways to earn $100 every day online, but getting there sometimes requires an upfront investment of time, online money making, and effort. If you put in the effort, you may launch a successful business that pays you $100 or even $1,000 each day. Consider the following ideas:

Open a dropshipping business.
Manage a print-on-demand company
Make and market digital products
Start a business in affiliate marketing.
Turn to freelance writing or editing.

How can I quickly online money making ?

Pick a strategy that can be started with little investment of time, online money making, or skill if you want to generate money quickly. These suggestions include dropshipping products, offering data entry work, reselling your used items on online auction sites, and taking part in market research via survey websites. Start using Shopify.

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