profit from watch ads for money 2023

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profit from watch ads for money 2023

Yes. watch ads for money Many applications, including Swagbucks, InboxDollars, the Irazoo app, PrizeRebel, and MyPoints, pay users to view videos. Which apps pay users to view advertisements? The most popular applications that pay users to see advertisements include Cashbuddy, InboxDollars, iRazoo, Slidejoy, RozDhan, and Swagbucks.

Nobody enjoys being interrupted. Remember the YouTube advertisement that spoiled a movie experience, the Spotify advertisement that ruined your favourite playlist, or the advertisement that simply prevented you from playing your favourite game? We comprehend. But what if we told you that watching online advertisements could earn you a respectable passive income? Interesting, huh? Indeed, it is undoubtedly feasible, and today we’ll discuss the best ways to make money online by seeing advertisements. So let’s get started !

Why should you consider making watch ads for money ?

1- Versatile

You can see advertisements wherever and whenever it suits you. There are no requirements for you to follow regarding time, location, or anything else.

2- No Minimum Requirement

The fact that no qualifications are necessary is one of the main benefits of making money via advertisements. By watching web adverts, even a young child can start making watch ads for money. There is no prerequisite education.

3- A fair payment

You can make watch ads for money with this fantastic offer without doing anything. Literally! The majority of ad-viewing apps pay you about $1 each commercial, while the amount can certainly be greater depending on the kind of ad, the amount of time spent watching, the content, etc.

4- Range of Choices

On a number of apps, different people can watch different advertising.

Top 6 Websites to watch ads for money

profit from watch ads for money 2023

1- Payday Buddy

One of the most well-known cashback apps in India is Cashbuddy. With significant partnerships with organisations like Amazon, Airtel, Flipkart, and many others, Cashbuddy pays users for completing various tasks on the platform with real watch ads for money, gift cards, and exclusive discounts. These include things like watching films and advertisements, participating in surveys, giving comments, and much more. More than 1,000 online shops use Cashbuddy as a reliable platform to market their goods and services. The app also offers additional shopping discounts, coupons, and hot bargains.

2- Inbox Cash

Since its founding in 2000, InboxDollars has worked to offer marketing alternatives to its clients while also rewarding its users for viewing advertisements, reading emails, doing surveys, playing games, and making online purchases. The software offers actual money that can be exchanged for gift cards on various e-commerce platforms. InboxDollars has already given more than $80 million to its subscribers in a variety of ways, and the amount keeps rising daily.

3- iRazoo

iRazoo is a rewarding cashback software that gives users incentives in the form watch ads for money of iRazoo Points in exchange for watching videos and advertisements from various channels. The app enables users to make money off of their passion for content. Users can contribute to the future of entertainment by discussing their thoughts on the newest commercials and movie trailers. Also, the app offers entertainment alternatives like videos, short movies, app trailers, cooking lessons, movie reviews, and much more. All of these things earn points that can be swiftly exchanged for money or gift cards. iRazoo collaborates with more than 50 channels and regularly updates its selection of material.

4- Slidejoy

Users of the advertising app Slidejoy can make money by seeing advertisements on their cellphones. Additionally, Slidejoy compensates users only for unlocking their screens and uninstalling the programme. Customers of Slidejoy can receive their rewards in the app’s built-in wallet and can earn up to $10 each month using the service. On customers’ lock screens, Slidejoy also shows them tailored adverts for which they can win wonderful prizes. Big names like CNBC and Cnet rely on the app to support their marketing initiatives.

Things to Keep in Mind

1- One, frauds

Several online sites deceive users by claiming to offer rich perks while doing nothing. Never divulge any information about your bank accounts, including your ATM pin, UPI pin, ATM card number, etc. as this could result in financial loss or identity theft.

2- Don’t Share Personal Information

Because money-making apps typically lack a firm legal foundation or contractual liability, it is crucial to take all necessary precautions to secure your personal information. Don’t divulge any details other than the absolute minimal.

profit from watch ads for money 2023

3- Avoid addiction

The majority of ad apps have a daily earnings cap. Because to their “play more, earn more” business concept, these apps are very addicting.


You can earn watch ads for money some passive cash simply watching advertisements, which doesn’t require much time or effort on your part. These best money-making apps will undoubtedly enable you to generate a respectable second income. Always make sure to advance your interests. Be responsible and start making watch ads for money today by watching commercials!

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