The top 8 Etsy statistics for 2023 including revenue and market share and profit

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The top 8 Etsy statistics for 2023 including revenue and market share and profit
The top 8 Etsy statistics for 2023 including revenue and market share and profit

Here is a quick summary of the top five Etsy statistics :-

In 2022, Etsy generated $2.5 billion in revenue. (Etsy’s 2022 Annual Report)

There are 7.5 million active sellers on Etsy, and there are 95.1 million active buyers. (Etsy’s 2022 Annual Report)

In 2022, Etsy’s total gross goods sales were $13.3 billion. (Etsy’s 2022 Annual Report)

Monthly visitors to total 462.1 million. (Similarweb4)
On Etsy, Caitlyn Minimalist is the top vendor. (eRank)

Etsy’s general statistics

In 2022, Etsy brought in more than $2.5 billion.

A 10.18% rise from 2021’s $2,329,114,000. Etsy reported its total revenue for 2022 as $2,566,111,000 in its annual report to shareholders, which was released in April 2023.

They go on to say that more than $1.4 billion, or 55.71% of total revenue, originated in the United States alone, while more than $343 million, or 13.4%, originated in the United Kingdom.

The remaining revenue of $792 million was generated in a number of different places.

Etsy said that $655 million, or 25.53% of that revenue, came from the company’s services, while $1.9 billion, or 74.47%, of that income came from the marketplace component of its businesses.

The cost of revenue for the fiscal year ending in 2022 was $744,592,000, resulting in a $1,821,519,000 profit for Etsy overall.

The online marketplaces Reverb, Depop, and Elo7 are now owned by Etsy, and this company has included revenue from these businesses in its financial report.

As a result, it is difficult to determine how much of the $2.5 billion in income comes from Etsy.

Source: Etsy’s 2022 Annual Report

There are 95,1 million active buyers and 7.5 million active vendors on Etsy.

According to the company’s annual report to shareholders for 2022, Etsy is home to 7.5 million active sellers.

On the marketplace, there are 95.1 million active Etsy buyers.

However, it should be emphasised that these figures also include Etsy’s affiliates.

These are Reverb, Depop, and Elo7, and on a monthly basis, they receive, on average, the following traffic :-

16.8 million monthly visitors to Reverb.

14.7 million visits for Elo7.

8.9 million people visited Depop.

Although these are healthy statistics for such specialised marketplaces, they are significantly lower than Etsy’s, thus we can reasonably assume that Etsy accounts for the vast majority of the data for active sellers and buyers in Etsy’s annual report.

Sources: Similarweb1, Similarweb2, and Similarweb3 as well as Etsy’s Annual Report for 2022.

In 2022, Etsy statistics gross goods sales were $13.3 billion.

Consolidated Etsy statistics gross merchandise sales reached $13.3 billion in 2022, according to Etsy’s annual report.

Etsy vendors produced $11.8 billion of those sales through the exclusive Etsy marketplace.

United States-based buyers and sellers made up 45% of all transactions.

Source: Etsy’s 2022 Annual Report

In 2022, Etsy statistics saw 29 million brand-new customers.

In 2022 alone, Etsy welcomed an astounding 29 million new users to the platform, a rise of 55% from 2019—the year before the pandemic-era retail boom took hold.

Additionally, 24 million consumers who had not made a purchase in the previous year were successfully reactivated by the platform.

According to Etsy, this is the most clients they’ve reactivated in a single year and a 24% rise from the year before.

Source: Etsy’s 2022 Annual Report

Every month, 462.1 million people visit Etsy

According to site traffic data gathered on the platform by Similarweb, Etsy receives 462.1 million visitors on average each month.

This represents the typical number of visits the website saw during a three-month period.

Additionally, according to data from Similarweb, the platform’s bounce rate is 45.93%.

Additionally, visitors to Etsy browse 6.42 pages on average during each visit and stay on the site for an average of 5 minutes, 47 seconds.

Last but not least, the website is placed fourth among the main e-commerce platforms in the United States, just after Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, and it is listed among the top 50 websites in the country (the ranking changes frequently).

From Similarweb4

Etsy statistics is a specialised e-commerce site with a 0.22 percent market share.

Enlyft’s statistics indicates that Etsy’s market share in the e-commerce sector is merely 0.22%.

This is in contrast to Ecwid’s 6.62% market share, Shopify’s 17.71% share, and WooCommerce’s 39.59% market share.

Author: Enlyft

Employees at Etsy statistics make an average base salary of $116,000 per year.

The average employee at Etsy receives a basic pay of $116,000 per year and an average bonus of $10,000, according to information provided to Payscale by firm employees.

Senior Engineering Managers earn the highest reported salaries, with an average base pay of $219,589 per year.

Customer service representatives make the least amount of money, with an annual pay of $47,472.

The overall employee rating for Etsy is 4.1 stars :

Favorability: 3.6 stars

Business Outlook: 4.6 stars

Fair Pay: 3.3 out of 5

3.6 stars for learning and development

4.1 stars for manager communication

Relationship with Manager: 4.6 stars

Transparency in Pay: 2.9 stars

For the purpose of comparison, Payscale’s information on one of Etsy’s main rivals, eBay, reveals that the average employee there has an annual base income of $130,000, an average bonus of $14,000, and a rating of 3.3 stars overall.

Payment scale

Etsy statistics data merchants should be aware of

On mobile devices, 66% of Etsy statistics purchases are made.

Etsy statistics explains to shareholders in its annual financial report for 2022 how 66% of its gross retail sales for the year came from mobile devices.

This is due to a 33% rise in mobile app downloads for Etsy.

On Google Play, the app has received over 10 million downloads and a 4.9-star rating from more than 1.28 million users.

Not all app data is made available to the public via the App Store for iOS devices.

However, we can tell you that out of more than 4.6 million reviews, the Etsy app has a 4.9-star rating.

Etsy’s 2022 Annual Report, Google Play, and App Store


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