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March Reading Recap

Looking back I have to say that March has been a pretty successful month. For the first time in a while I have lots to celebrate. First of all, officially as of this morning, my entire immediate family is vaccinated so yay for that!! I also managed to host a fun virtual birthday party. Playing trivia and skribbl were the highlights of the event and if you haven’t played either I highly recommend. And last, but not least the end of March represents the end of my first full month running this blog!

I started this blog both as a way to reflect on the books that I read and also to connect with fellow book lovers. I’m pretty happy with my experience so far and am looking forward to improving this blog with each coming month.

Book Recap

Master of One

The Taster

Spin the Dawn

Assassin’s Blade

Finding Napoleon


The Book of Love

Reading Challenges

Goodreads Challenge

  • Prior to starting this blog I haven’t been really good at keeping track of how many/what books I have read
  • Since this is my first Goodreads Challenge I set a (in my opinion) pretty average goal for myself of 50 books
  • I seem to be staying on top of my goal. So far I’ve read 15 books so I’m hoping that I will not only meet my goal, but also surpass it

The Backlist Reader Challenge

  • The goal of this challenge is to read books from your to be read list that were published prior to 2019
  • Check out my list here :
  • I’ve made some progress here having read 2 books off of my list
  • I have a bad habit of picking up newer releases first, which is why my backlist continues to grow
  • I’m going to try to stay more on track with this one since I’ve discovered at least one really great book from this list so far

Currently Reading

  • I’m going back and forth between a historical fiction novel, “Agustina de Aragon” by Gail Meath and a paranormal romance, “Torn” by Jennifer Armentrout.
Image courtesy of Goodreads
Image courtesy of Goodreads

5 thoughts on “March Reading Recap

  1. Congrats on your first month of blogging! How exciting! You read some great books as well it looks like. I love that JLA series. Can’t wait for the movies to be done! Thanks for visiting my post at Lisa Loves Literature earlier!


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