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Bookish Items on My Wishlist

Disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated with any of shops I discuss below. This post is purely me sharing shops and items that I enjoy and I’m in no way getting reimbursed for it. Also the art shared in this post does not belong to me and I have done my best to give credit to the artist/seller.

My birthday is coming up in a few shorts weeks! I can’t believe how fast the last few months have gone by. As I’m trying to figure out how to celebrate this year (still virtually of course) and what I may want to either buy myself or get as a gift, I thought I’d share some of the bookish shops that I follow.

Below is just a short list of shops that sell really creative (in my opinion) book inspired items. I’ve also included some of my favorite items from each shop.

  1. Knightmares and Daydreams

I’ve been obsessed with this shop ever since I saw their Crescent City magnetic bookmarks. They are both adorable and of really good quality. I’ve had them for several months and they look as good as new.

Crescent City Bookmarks (Image is mine, however the art itself belongs to Knightmares and Daydreams)

The owner comes up with creative ideas fairly often. I currently have my eye on some of her more recent releases including the Nesta and Cassian set from A Court of Silver Flames and the Bridgerton set. Both series are also worth checking out if you haven’t read them.

Image courtesy of Knightmares and Daydreams
Image courtesy of Knightmares and Daydreams

2. Iron and Ink Designs

This shop sells everything from mugs to postcards. They all seem to be book themed and original in design. I haven’t had a chance to buy anything from them yet, but I find their enamel pins gorgeous. I’ve recently begun collecting book inspired pins as a way to brighten up my work clothes and to bring a piece of my favorite books with me. Iron and Ink Designs has so many pins to choose from, but the one I have my eye on is the Night Circus pin (see below). Erin Morgenstern’s “The Night Circus” was a book I couldn’t put down from start to finish and this pin is a perfect interpretation of the cover.

3. Enchanted Extras by Bri

Similar to Iron and Ink Designs, Enchanted Extras by Bri sells a bit of everything. What caught my eye in this store were her book sleeves. I love having a good book with me, but I’m a bit OCD when it comes to keeping my books in good condition so a book sleeve is definitely a lifesaver in that regard. Enchanted Extras partners with several incredible artists and I’ve heard great things in terms of the quality of her products. I’m looking forward to receiving my Danika Fendyr (Crescent City inspired) book sleeve (see image below) just in time for my birthday !

Image courtesy of Enchanted Extras by Bri. Art belongs to kmorgan_art

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