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Top Ten Tuesday #1- Animals from Books

Hello everyone and welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! This weekly meme is currently hosted by Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is animals from books, which can include mythical or real animals, main characters, sidekicks, companions/pets, shifters, etc.

Check out my picks below:

  1. Syrinx the Chimaera
Image courtesy of Goodreads
Image courtesy of @atouchofmagicdesigns

If you’ve been following my blog then you probably know all about my Sarah J Maas obsession. When I saw this week’s topic I couldn’t resist including some of her characters as her animal companions are always so cute. Syrinx is the animal companion of Bryce, the main character in Sarah Maas’ Crescent City. Originally meant as a guard dog so to speak for Bryce’s workplace, Syrinx proves too soft hearted for the job and Bryce ends up adopting him. Syrinx is like a member of Bryce’s family and she will do anything to protect him

2. Fleetfoot

Image courtesy of Goodreads
Image courtesy of @aelire

Another cute animal companion from one of Sarah J Maas’s works Throne of Glass, Fleetfoot is given to main character Celaena as a gift. Though not magical at all, Fleetfoot proves to be a faithful companion to Celaena throughout the series.

3. Arius the Barbarian’s Dog

Image courtesy of Goodreads
Image courtesy of paralyzed puppets

Arius the Barbarian’s three legged dog is a puppy that the gladiator Arius finds and rescues in Kate Quinn’s Mistress of Rome. There are few creatures that Arius allows himself to care for out of fear that they will be taken away from him. This dog is one of them and helps him maintain his humanity after he is separated from his lover, Thea, and then after he loses his best friend.

4. Black Satin

Image courtesy of Goodreads
Image courtesy of Humane Society

Black Satin is the beloved horse of Annis Allington in Louisa Morgan’s The Age of Witches. Annis is not the typical 19th century lady of leisure. Instead, she dreams of breeding her own line of horses with her beloved Black Satin “Bits” as the veritable sire. In many ways Black Satin is her only friend until she meets her long lost aunt Harriet and her love interest James.

5. Dash

Image courtesy of Goodreads
Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Dash, Victoria’s King Charles Spaniel, is an important character in Daisy Goodwin’s Victoria. Victoria is an account of the early years of the Queen’s reign and Dash was Victoria’s constant companion during those years. Having led a very sheltered life Victoria did not have any close friends and turned to Dash for affection and support during tough times. I was touched by the inscription the real Queen Victoria had made for her beloved dog when he died. I thought that it said it all:

Here lies
The favourite spaniel of Her Majesty Queen Victoria
In his 10th year
His attachment was without selfishness
His playfulness without malice
His fidelity without deceit
If you would be beloved and die regretted
Profit by the example of
DASH (Wikipedia)

6. Goliath

Image courtesy of Goodreads
Image courtesy of Gilded Wolves Fandom

Goliath is Tristan’s pet tarantula in Roshani Chokshi’s Gilded Wolves. While I agree with Laila’s reaction to the spider (screaming and making Tristan promise to never bring him into her dressing room again), I also think it’s kind of cute how Tristan treats the large tarantula almost like a dog. Like any pet owner he is worries if the spider isn’t eating or who will feed him if Tristan has to be out for a job.

7. Corra the firedrake

Image courtesy of Goodreads
Image courtesy of Pinterest

Corra is Diana Bishop’s familiar in Deborah Harkness’s The All Souls Trilogy. Diana is a special type of witch, who is able to create spells and part of that involves having a familiar i.e. a spiritual companion. Familiars can take on any shape and Diana’s turns out to be a firedrake. Corra can be at times both mischievous and helpful.

8. Risika’s Tiger

Image courtesy of Goodreads

Amelia Atwater Rhodes’s In the Forests of the Night was one of the first fantasy books I’ve ever read. In this book the vampire Risika struggles with the loneliness of her life as one of the undead. The fact that she will never age means that she is unable to make any lasting connections with humans for fear of discovery. The only living being that she allows herself to get close to is a beautiful tiger at a local zoo. Risika and the tiger seem to share an unspoken language and in some ways the tiger reminds Risika of herself.

9. Danika

Image courtesy of Goodreads

Danika Shardae is a hawk shapeshifter in Amelia Atwater Rhodes’ Hawksong. Danika is about to become the queen of her people and must find a way to make peace with her people’s ancient enemy, the snake shapeshifters.

10. Corr the Capaill Uisce

Image courtesy of Goodreads
Image courtesy of PInterest

Corr is Sean Kendrick’s capaill uisce stallion in Maggie Stiefvater’s The Scorpio Races. Capaill uisce are basically kelpie, water horses who make their homes in the sea, but occasionally visit land. Sean’s hometown hosts an annual race involving the water horses that is the ultimate test of one’s skill since these horses can quickly become deadly killers if not handled correctly. Despite this, Corr and Sean are able to form an unlikely friendship. Corr trusts Sean and against all the odds Sean trusts Corr. In fact, an important part of the story revolves around Sean trying to win enough money to ensure that Corr stays with him.

How is your Tuesday going? Have you read any of these books? What are some of your favorite animals/ magical creatures from books?

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