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The excitement surrounding affiliate marketing is intense. Everyone is attempting to market the idea of working from home while making money online. An affiliate programme called Passive al Profit Pages promises to pay you commissions by using their pre-made webpages and content. Here is an objective evaluation of Passive Profit Pages’ functionality, features, advantages, disadvantages, and cost.


Passive al Profit Pages: What Are They?

A service called Passive Profit Pages enables users to earn money online through affiliate marketing. It makes a number of one-page websites with ready-made affiliate offers that you may advertise and al profit from using cutting-edge technology.

Your landing pages can be used to promote goods in various markets and specialties.

You may earn a respectable income using Passive al Profit Pages and little effort. You must have a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, as well as reliable internet.

To work as an affiliate marketer, you don’t need any specialised knowledge. You can live a stress- and debt-free life thanks to the programme.

You don’t need to worry if you are a beginner because the programme offers affiliate market training in addition to the done-for-you landing pages. According to Passive Profit Pages, if you follow the programme, you can start making money in just 30 days.

About the Founder

The inventor of Passive Profit Pages is William Mcrea. On his sales site, he goes by the name Bill. Bill began affiliate marketing while working at a family-run café. When Starbucks expanded into their neighbourhood, the unexpected happened, increasing competition.

Bill’s family filed for bankruptcy because they were unable to compete with a well-known brand. He had to look for other ways to make money. Tony, a buddy of Bill, shared the secret of Passive Profit Pages with him.

Bill made the decision to test the programme after learning that it may produce a sizable amount of income with ease. He spent only 35 minutes working, and the first day he made roughly $300; the second day he made $1,000. Bill asserts to have produced.

What is the Process of Passive al Profit Pages ?


The only source of revenue for the system is affiliate marketing. You can order a 5-page landing website from Passive Profit Pages. For ClickBank product sales, the landing pages feature pre-made affiliate promotions.

You will sell things on the websites when you join Passive al profit Pages, but the bulk of the work is already done. As soon as you sign up for the programme, the software will start working. Once you sign up with Passive Profit Pages, follow these steps:

Create an account by providing your contact details and generating a member login.

Five distinct landing pages will be provided to you; all you need to do is choose and set them up. Choose the available niches that best suit you. The affiliate will be automatically created.

After installing the landing pages, upload the content. The pre-written information can be used or edited as you see fit.

Promote other people’s companies while increasing traffic to your website.

If you regularly update your content and drive more traffic to your website, you will make more money.

Pages inside of passive al profit

The package includes a Document and training videos that will enable you to make commissions. To make extra money, you can also develop five distinct markets across five affiliate websites. What to expect from Passive al Profit Pages is as follows :

Videos for website builders

The straightforward procedures below should be followed to create your affiliate website;

Get your Click Bank ID by creating a Click Bank account. Learn how to ID for Click Bank from the video.

Choose one of the five ready-made websites that best suits your needs. Acne, debt-free, home business, guitar, and affiliate are among the possible categories.

Choose your primary domain name and subdomain. The cloud is where your subdomain is housed. The domain name “” cannot be changed to your name.

Educative Videos

15-minute training videos are available on Passive Profit Pages to guide you through your affiliate marketing journey. The how-to guides in the films include thorough descriptions of affiliate marketing strategies.

The 26-second video demonstrates how to choose your subdomain in lowercase to prevent any problems.

The 22-second video emphasises the value of exercising patience when using the application. Up to six hours may be needed for the setup process.

Purchase a custom domain name, then point it to Passive al Profit Pages.

The last video demonstrates how to redesign a website and increase traffic.

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PDF traffic

All you need to know about driving traffic to your affiliate websites is in the PDF eBook. To drive traffic, publish your affiliate links on social media.

Passive Profit Pages Upsells

You can quickly improve your income by adding additional extras. The upsells consist of:

For $147, Passive al profit Pages Pro

You can increase your traffic and revenue using nine different tools. Instead of using the program’s domain, you can host your finished webpages there.

@ $146, Profit Pages X

It offers you ready-to-use advertisements on your website. You receive the top-secret traffic source from the upsell, which will help you succeed. It includes Solo Advertising, which are promoted by email, boosting your commissions.

Internet Community with Passive al Profit Pages for $20 per month

You have access to a secure online community through the add-on, which will enable you to get knowledge from other affiliate marketers and ensure your success.


  • Affiliate marketing is a successful online enterprise.
  • You are not need to start a blog. To get you started, the Passive Profit Pages have pre-written material.
  • In comparison to other affiliate programmes available, Passive Profit Pages is cost-effective.
  • You can generate significant earnings using passive profit pages. Several marketers claimed to have made $25,000 in 30 days.
  • Passive Profit Pages offers flexible scheduling. You can earn commissions with just one hour of work each day. You can work your regular job and be an affiliate marketer.
  • You can join the programme without any prior knowledge of affiliate marketing. No matter what one’s knowledge, abilities, or educational background is, everyone can make money.

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