How to use Google trends to find topic ideas 2022.

Sep 8, 2022
How to use Google trends to find topic ideas 2022.

How to use Google trends to find great topic ideas for your business, Your website, for your blog, and let’s get into this free tool that is often underlooked by a lot of people.

Now, Google print is a free to use tools to go on to transact Google.Com ,And authentic ways to garner new topics because Google trends is one of the most widely used search engines, and it is going to give you the most accurate data about.

There isn’t anything interesting that you’re writing or you’re not hitting me right keywords and keyword. Super essential in today’s web search Keywords are the word that people search for. Whenever they are typing or searching on Google trends .

How to use Google trends to your benefit to find the latest and hot hottest topics?

So, if I just search for food over here, you can see food is a very popular keyword. You can use Google trends to your benefit to find the latest and hot hottest topics simply by entering the overall niche that you’re in. So let’s say you’re into food blogging.

Just search for food.. Search for food. Choose your location. You can choose worldwide if you want. You can choose a specific country. Then, what you’re going to do is you might be like, hey, okay, I have searched for food. I see the interest over time. How does this help me in keyword research. Queries and instead of rising click on top. Top grades are Chinese food, fast food, food near me, food near and then you can move to the next pages.

So, food , healthy food, baby food, Thai food, food stamps, cat food, all of these are super popular. Are going to the rising one to see the new topics that are just beginning to get more searches.

so food insecurity food chain diagram WB food shopping food. Topics. Now, these are going to be great indicators to see what are the top food related queries that you can write about.

Another way thing you can do is to search for. Down you will see the related topics as well as related queries so the things that people also search for whenever they are searching for food blogs, and this will give you a good insight into related topics that you can make videos on.

Another great way to use Google trends:

is to target locations. So, let’s say I want to start a business. I want to start a business in the United States but I don’t know where to open up maybe a grocery store. So what I would do Top result. Is more often. Now, another great thing you can do with Google trends is that you can add competitors to better understand a research topic.

So, let’s say we have Hubspot. At 12 and we’re gonna search for the interest worldwide and now if we scroll down over here you can see the related quarries you have notion notion is a competitor of Do a comparative course. So, you will add notion over here. Related craze.

How to use Google trends to find topic ideas 2022.

How to boost your engagement and engage both of these viewers?

Now another great way that you can boost your engagement and engage both of these viewers. So not only can you get the people that are searching for hub spot as well as notion. You can write articles that are based on verses. So you can write an. Article like Hubspot versus Notion and you can post that and that will give you more viewers or more leads to your web page.

because people are interested in comparisons. Now, with that, you also have other search engines.. And optimization with Google trends, if I was to search for Philips X now you can go into the worldwide section and you can not only do a web search but you can also do Google trends searches.

and if you’re doing a running a bit. Business that is based up for e-commerce. So, if you have a e-commerce website, then, you can use the Google trends feature to better analyze what you are trying to sell, whether or not it is going to sell, it will see related cories through this one. It doesn’t have one but. Overall descriptions of your product and this will be another great way for you to be able to boost sales of that product and you can find a lot of other topics simply by Searching and going into the related party section.

How to make comparisons between topics

and making comparisons between topics to see whether or not you should compare to top XL.. Keyword free SEO tool and has they have a keyword difficulty checker as well so you can just enter the keyword over here to see whether or not a lot of people are searching for this Topic.

and this will give you a better analysis a more in-depth analysis while Google trends will help you in just you know short listing of the topics that are available to you, so that is how simple and easy it is to do keyword research. Search with Google trends and how to find different amazing topics to get started with your business on and once you find a topic. Just going ahead.

Best online store creator or store builder. And then you can just copy this entire query and then go into a free SEO difficulty checker.. At the specific topic that you have chosen. Blog or YouTube video or whatever you’re looking to get. the best tips and tricks that I have taught you within this article and to other creators as well so you can help them out as well. To anyone that might need to know this basic detailed platform and how you navigate through these different social websites. So, I hope this was helpful enough for you.

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