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How do you calculate profit in advertising ? Multiply the profit of each item by the number sold through the advertisement. That is, the advertisement is classified according to its special arrangement within the site or the blog.

The advertisements are classified according to this situation and are gradually arranged according to the text referred to in the advertisement. Each has the highest feature and method assigned to it, and it is possible to earn a lot of money through advertising.

Where should I place my ad ?

Close to the content that users are interested in in this matter, the position of the advertisement is correct. The user visits the site for the purpose of searching for something he needs. It is optimal and correct to place the advertisement in this place so that you can watch it for the advertisement and click on it. This is the right thing and not the opposite.

How is digital advertising revenue calculated !

Dividing your estimated earnings by the number of page views, impressions, or queries you received, then multiplying by 1000 views on your page is considered one of your profits. Through inquiries about the page in the Google search bar and more, you profit through your site, and the most important and profitable of them are ads.

Which placement is best for Facebook ads ?

Facebook is the modern payment from advertising, so people use it as a good and additional profit method, and this method is distinguished from the rest,

so it took the Instagram way of advertising and profit, as well as YouTube and Tiktok are complementary to advertising, but on the condition that the methods,

privacy and conditions differ through announcing an advertisement and watching for many different reasons.

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How frequently should the ads be placed ?

3 times a week, it can be more than that, but we advise this only for the success of the three ads, and this is what is to be proven and based on

There is no proliferation in ads without positive interest. You have 3 ads a week. A lot and celebrities do this a lot in advertising. His statement is less useful. Review the world. the decision.

What is the future of marketing 2022 ?

2022 will be the year of risk in marketing. We say this regarding the increase in advertising for this year, which is about to end. If the flow will increase in the leaders year 2023,

which will witness a large number of advertisements from all users of companies, so now we must start working in these next two months in order to Expansion of activity in the next two years 2023-2024

What is the future of ads ?

Advertising technology revenues are scheduled to grow by more than 300% by the year 2020, this news is old because in this world the return has increased many times over this number and the accountants have won all the returns that have increased in the past periods and this number will increase in the coming years The returns do not have a specific time to increase or a short time, they are due to the founder of this business .


In the end, you are accustomed that if you think about something you are looking for, you will tell us about what is happening in your head and we will get back to you as soon as possible and also we will talk about easy analyzes to profit from,

the Internet 2023 will be a very important topic for you, you have to follow what is coming from the ideas we are all here We continue for you, we have to help, and you have to progress in your search and continue to work.


It is a blog that helps you understand many things that may make you money through the Internet and others.

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