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Sworn Enemies Become Passionate Lovers in Tessonja Odette’s “Fair Isle Trilogy”

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Plot Summary:

The Fair Isle Trilogy Complete Series Collection contains an illustrated map and four character illustrations not published in any other edition!

The three full-length novels included in this single volume are…

To Carve a Fae Heart
Forced to marry a cruel fae king, Evelyn Fairfield must do what it takes to fulfill the treaty and keep her people safe. But can she do her duty without losing her heart?

To Wear a Fae Crown
Evelyn was supposed to despise the king, not fall in love with him. And when the human and fae councils turn against her and her beloved, she has so much more to fight for…and more to lose.

To Spark a Fae War
With the truth of Evelyn’s heritage exposed, the line between friend and foe is blurred. War looms and only she can stop it…or start it. Evelyn and her mate must make a final stand against the force that threatens the lives of everyone they love
(Amazon, 2021).


There are so many reasons to pick up this book. First, Tessonja Odette does a fabulous job with the enemies to lovers trope. At the beginning of the story, it’s hard to imagine Evie with any fae much less the stag king. But as the story progresses and the two are drawn together sparks really begin to fly. My favorite scene in the book is probably when the two fantasize about their potential future prior to what they think will be their imminent doom. I love that scene, because it showcases how far the two have come over the course of the story.

Then there are the gorgeous places and outfits that Tessonja has come up with. This may sound super girly, but I love reading about outfits from different cultures and time periods. One of my favorite things in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah Maas was Celaena’s wardrobe and Tessonja Odette has also made me wish that I could buy the clothes Evie and especially Queen Nyxia of Lunar wear in the “Fair Isle Trilogy”.

And last, but not least Tessonja does a great job of fleshing out side characters like Foxglove, Franco and Lorelei. I’ve read too many books where the main characters were the only ones fully developed. However, in the “Fair Isle Trilogy” I felt like most characters had distinct personalities and were far from one dimensional. Franco, the brother of the Queen of the Lunar Court was a particular favorite of mine with a snarky personality that hides a good heart. I can’t wait to read more of his story in “Heart of the Raven Prince”.

This was a 4 out of 5 for me. If you like fantasy romance and stories with a happily ever after then you should definitely pick this one up.

Quotes I Enjoyed:

You see, here in Eisleigh, all young women are eligible to be married off to a king. There’s just one problem. He’ll probably eat you before you make it to your wedding bed”