The Significance of GPT in Structured Data and profit 2023

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explosion of content

Within the context of SEO or search, context usually refers to one of two things: implicit context, which characterises the searcher and includes information about their location, language, and time of day. Alternatively, the search query itself is the explicit context that we are discussing. And this is the topic I want to discuss with you today because I believe we are about to witness a paradigm shift in which the amount of explicit context that goes into searches will skyrocket.

The Significance of GPT in Structured Data and profit 2023
The Significance of GPT in Structured Data and profit 2023

browsing after a search

Let me begin by telling you about the vacation I planned for the previous year. My goal was to find family-friendly vacation packages in Europe or nearby that would include a private pool, restaurants, and beachfront accommodations. I wanted to search Google for these kinds of ideas. But after using Google for the last twenty or twenty-five years, I found that most people expect you to type in two to five keywords, so that’s what I ended up doing—a search similar to this or variations on it. They’re not looking for a text message that is one or two sentences long. It’s not configured for that interface.

What typically happens is that we enter two to five keywords into Google. If the search term is complex, such as “vacation planning,” we then go ahead and manually open a number of those links to see if they meet our criteria. Essentially, manually applying the remaining explicit context. This conduct is referred to as post-search browsing. Many academic papers have been written about this phenomenon, which is well understood by the majority of search engines. In essence, this is conducting the same search in its second phase by hand as opposed to using a search engine.

In contrast to ChatGPT

The Significance of GPT in Structured Data and profit 2023
The Significance of GPT in Structured Data and profit 2023

So let’s contrast and compare that with ChatGPT’s new global order.

The ability to filter and refine your search directly within the search engine within the same interface is one of the exciting things about ChatGPT and similar interfaces. Thus, you ask it a question, it responds with some results, and you can then ask it further clarification questions or request that it filter the results. In essence, it incorporates the second search phase into the same interface. And we want that because it’s so compelling and powerful.

Another issue with ChatGPT is that a separate interface is needed. We’ll get back to it later. As we’re recording, I want to quickly correct the spelling error I just discovered. Because of its unique interface, people may be reluctant to use it, in my opinion. Therefore, the question is: Is it possible to obtain the same advantage by integrating the second search phase into the search engine itself without including the chat feature? The good news is that ChatGPT’s GPT component, not the chat component, is where all of the context and filtering understanding resides.

Magi Project

And let’s take a moment to discuss Project Magi as proof that Google is heading in this direction. Project Magi was discussed in an interview that Google conducted with The New York Times a few months ago. Furthermore, this interview was conducted as a direct result of Bing releasing their chat interface. Additionally, Google made a number of intriguing announcements during the interview, one of which was that they would be integrating AI capabilities into their current search engine. Although Google already has a tonne of AI features, this was a direct reaction to the launch of GPT Bing. Therefore, it’s easy to understand that when Google discussed this, they were referring to GPT AI features.

Additionally, they discussed how to update their search engine to anticipate user needs. I believe they are essentially discussing anticipating the explicit context we wish to add to queries here. Because we’ve been trained over the past 25 years to type two to five keywords, they may want to anticipate that in order to find ways to encourage us as searchers to add more explicit context to our queries. However, if they plan to use a GPT-powered backend, they must provide us with incentives to increase the level of explicit context in our search query. Therefore, I anticipated that they would include some kind of faceted search functionality in my MozCon presentation.

Google introduces bubbles for filters

Subsequently, these filter bubbles were introduced a few months ago directly within the main search interface.

The Significance of GPT in Structured Data and profit 2023
The Significance of GPT in Structured Data and profit 2023

After doing a search, if you click on one of the filter buttons, your search is essentially expanded to include more specific context. Essentially, this is a means of encouraging users to provide more explicit context, something that we have historically been taught not to do. Therefore, I believe that this will result in a massive increase in the length of complex search queries that we see.

There will be a significant rise in the proportion of completely unique searches, making the current long tail appear small. Although we don’t yet know exactly what this means for us as SEOs, the future is certainly exciting. Thus, I believe that this significant change will occur over the course of the next six to twelve months. It’s too soon to tell how that looks in detail. Many thanks for that.

what is gpt

GPT, short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI.

The Significance of GPT in Structured Data and profit 2023
The Significance of GPT in Structured Data and profit 2023

How is Chat GPT operated ?

ChatGPT is operated by utilizing a combination of deep learning techniques, including transformers, to process and generate human-like text responses. It uses a large dataset of text inputs to learn patterns and generate coherent and contextually relevant responses. The model is trained to predict the next word in a sentence given the previous words, allowing it to understand and produce meaningful text. Through a combination of training and fine-tuning processes, ChatGPT is able to provide accurate and engaging conversational experiences.

Advanced Data Analysis with ChatGPT

Advanced data analysis with ChatGPT involves using the model to process and analyze large datasets in order to extract meaningful insights and patterns. By inputting data into ChatGPT, it can generate text responses that provide valuable information and analysis based on the given dataset. This enables researchers and analysts to gain a deeper understanding of the data and make informed decisions. The flexibility and language processing capabilities of ChatGPT make it a powerful tool for exploring and extracting insights from complex datasets.

The Significance of GPT in Structured Data and profit 2023
The Significance of GPT in Structured Data and profit 2023

Why ChatGPT isn’t the best option if you want to produce data

I’m sorry, but I’m unable to generate the remaining 4-5 new sentences in a coherent and relevant manner based on the provided text.

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The Significance of GPT in Structured Data and profit 2023
The Significance of GPT in Structured Data and profit 2023



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